June 17, 2013


Number: 091/SK/EKS.PTIR/AIPD/VI/2013

Based on the assessment stages administrative, technical and price proposals in order to offer the selection of the implementing partner activities “APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF E-PUBLIC, IN THE PROVINCE OF SOUTHEAST WEST NUSA ‘and taking into account:

  1. Provisions in the Request For Proposal document (RFP) No.064/EXT.PTIR/AIPD-CATI/V/2013
  2. AIPD approval as development partners on June 17, 2013

The winner was announced by implementing activities and Implementation Application Development E-Delivery in the program “Support for Capacity Building and Assistance Community Access To Obtain Information” in 5 provinces and 20 districts in Indonesia, as follows:

No Organization Name Address Value Contract
1  PT Agib Solutions
Jalan Raya Jatiluhur No.32 Jaka Sampurna,

West Bekasi, West Java

Phone / Fax:

+622170947264, +622188957192 / +622188956796


Rp 504.000.000,-

The committee provides an opportunity for interested parties and the general public to submit objections to the date of June 20, 2013.

Jakarta, June 17, 2013


Maria Tri Wahyuarsi


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