Indonesia’s Presidential and Vice Presidential Election: Vision and Mission

June 20, 2014

In order to facilitate public in obtaining information of both Presidential candidates’ vision and mission, PATTIRO provides documents from each candidates that may be reviewed and studied as a part of political education. Thus, it hopefully may help voters to make their choice for this year’s Presidential election both rationally and democratically.

Presidential candidate, Joko Widodo with his Vice Presidential candidate, Jusuf Kalla stated their vision that focuses on the realization of Indonesia’s sovereignty, independency, and national character based on mutual assistance. This vision is divided into nine points of priority and the nine points are translated into three fields, that each field consists of several main programs of priority.

These three fields are: (i). Sovereignty in Politics; (ii). Independency in Economics; and (iii). Characters in Cultures.

Whilst, the other Presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto and his Vice Presidential candidate, Hatta Rajasa promoted eight focus programs, which is derived from their vision: Building a unified, sovereign, just and prosperous, yet dignified Indonesia.

For further information about both candidates’ vision and mission (in Bahasa Indonesia), click the link below.



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