Public Service Accountability

Fostering Genuine Participation: Lesson Learnt from Citizen Engagement in Transparency for Development (T4D) Pilot Project

Executive Summary One of the biggest health challenges in Indonesia is maternal and newborn health. Child mortality rates in poor peri-urban areas are much higher than the urban average. A 2012 study by UNICEF found that child mortality rates are five times higher in Jabodetabek’s poor peri-urban sub-districts. As the nearest peri-urban area to Jakarta,

PATTIRO PROFILE in Open Government Movement and FOI Issues

From 2012 to 2015, PATTIRO has been given a mandate by Indonesia civil society, both civil society organizations, which involved in the Freedom Of Information Network Indonesia (FOINI) and CSOs from OGI Core Team, to be the coordinator of the coalition. To run PATTIRO role as national coordinator of both the civil society coalition, PATTIRO

Indonesia’s Presidential and Vice Presidential Election: Vision and Mission

In order to facilitate public in obtaining information of both Presidential candidates’ vision and mission, PATTIRO provides documents from each candidates that may be reviewed and studied as a part of political education. Thus, it hopefully may help voters to make their choice for this year’s Presidential election both rationally and democratically. Presidential candidate, Joko Widodo

Gender Equality in the Village Act Must Be Observed

The Village Act Must Be Able to Improve the Welfare of Women PATTIRO : Gender Equality in the Village Act Must Be Observed  Every year, the 8th of March is celebrated as International Women’s Day in recognition of the contribution of women in the economic, political and social sectors. Recognising the issue of gender equality

A Complaint Mechanism for Public Service Delivery Based in Community Participation


This book was written in order to provide the community with an understanding of a public service delivery complaint mechanism based on community participation. It draws on Law No. 25, 2009, which provides greater room for the community to participate in the management of public service delivery. To download A Complaint Mechanism for Public Service