Public Service Accountability

The Beginning of Social Accountability Supports Improvement in Public Service Delivery

In the fourth week of January 2014, The Ministry for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RB) disclosed that there are still 449 district/city governments whose public service accountability performance is below the category of good. The Deputy Assistant of the Evaluation System of Bureaucratic Reform, Administrative Accountability and KemenPAN-RB Supervision, Gatot Sugiarto revealed that in this

Application Guideline of Citizen Report Card (CRC) for CSOs


The Citizen Report Card (CRC) is one method of representing the voice of the people as receivers of public services. The report card is a tool that allows for the compiling of public service user ratings and dissemination of that information back to the users of these services as well as service providers. Services are

Training Guideline of Citizen Report Card (CRC) for CSOs


Program for Strengthening CSOs in Planning and Budgeting for a Better Public Services Delivery CRC is one device that is simple but very useful for observing performance in public services delivery through involving a process of dialogue between public institutions as the service provider and the community as the service receiver. This dialogue can result

Citizen Assessments of Health Center Services in Jeneponto District


A survey was undertaken by collecting data through questionnaires of a population within the total patient visits at 18 health centers in 2012. The making of the questionnaire was based upon a citizen’s charter that had been agreed upon by the 18 local health centers in the Jeneponto district. The citizen assessments of public services

Unresolved Decentralization Causes Public Services to Suffer


In 1999, decentralization and regional autonomy were introduced in Indonesia to improve public services and increase accountability and transparency in local governance. After over a decade, people living outside the capital, such as in Banten province, still have poor access to health care and education, for instance, despite huge budgetary allocations from the central government