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PATTIRO Encourages Ministry of Home Affairs to Postpone Enactment of Permendagri No. 90 of 2019


PATTIRO requested the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) to postpone the enactment of Minister of Home Affairs Regulation (Permendagri) No. 90 of 2019 concerning Classification, Codification, and Nomenclature of Regional Development and Financial Planning. This suggestion is based on the fact that many local governments are not ready to adjust their regional budget codes and

PATTIRO and KemenPAN-RB are holding Virtual LAPOR! Goes To Campus


Law Number 25 of 2009 concerning Public Services has provided a space for public participation for involvement in improving the quality and accountability of public services, as well as cooperation between service providers. To maximize public participation, the government has developed a National Public Service Complaint Management System (SP4N) through the LAPOR! application, integrating all

Local Governance Forum: Refocusing of Village Funds for Direct Cash Transfer


In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has established a policy to anticipate the spread and impact of the disease, through Government Regulation in lieu of Law (Perppu) No. 1/2020, which has been promulgated as Law No. 2/2020. One of the effects of the issuance of the policy was the prioritization of the utilization

Local Governance Forum: “Is it possible to revoke DAU postponement sanction?”


Local Governance Forum “Is it possible to revoke DAU postponement sanction?” PATTIRO recommends the Ministry of Home Affairs to revise policies related to the handling of Covid-19 with the Unexpected Expenditure (BTT) mechanism, by opening the budget marking mechanism option for Covid-19. This recommendation was conveyed by PATTIRO in the Local Governance Forum titled “Is

To Expand Ecological-Based Fiscal Transfer Policy Initiatives in the Regional Level, PATTIRO and TAF Hold Training for CSOs

2020.03.27.Latih CSO ttg TAPE dan TAKE

Since 2018, The Asia Foundation (TAF) together with the Civil Society Organization (CSO) Network has developed initiatives to encourage policies on ecological-based fiscal transfers at the regency level, called the Ecology-based Regency Budget Transfers (TAKE), and at the provincial level, called the Ecology-based Provincial Budget Transfer (TAPE). TAPE and TAKE are incentive schemes in the