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PATTIRO joins Inception Workshop on Think Climate Indonesia Program to strengthen collaboration

20210809153250.Inceoption Workshop Think Climate Indonesia

“Various ideas and potentials from institutions in Indonesia that are concerned about climate change actions are important elements of Indonesia’s future. Therefore, it is necessary to align the ideals of the institutions”, said Dr Anindya Chatterjee, the Regional Director of IDRC at the Inception Workshop on the Think Climate Indonesia (TCI) Program on 21 July.

Increasingly massive implementation of Ecological Fiscal Transfer in Indonesia


The idea of ​​implementing the Ecological Fiscal Transfer (EFT) policy in Indonesia has continued to develop in recent years. This has been driven by the initiative of the coalition of civil society organizations from various regions together with The Asia Foundation (TAF), which proposed the concept of Ecology-based Provincial Budget Transfer (TAPE) and Ecology-based District

PATTIRO and the Civil Society Coalition Promote the Idea of a Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment-Based Regional Incentive Fund

2021.05.19.Diskusi Publik Menggagas Usulan DIDKGPP2

Jakarta, May 2021. The Civil Society Coalition, initiated by the Center for Regional Research and Information (PATTIRO), Indonesia Budget Center (IBC), and The Asia Foundation (TAF), brought the idea of developing a Regional Incentive Fund for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (DID KGPP) to the fore. Through this idea, the Coalition encourages gender indicators to

Support is Needed in Regional Development Planning and Financial Management


Government assistance regarding the implementation of regulations is considered to be an important factor in encouraging the effectiveness of development planning policies and regional financial management. This was raised at the PATTIRO Local Governance Forum on Friday, February 26, 2021 with the theme “Measuring the Effectiveness of Regional Development Planning and Financial Management Policies” which invited

Gender Disparity in Social Forestry

2021.02.24.Kesenjangan Gender dalam Perhutanan Sosial

PATTIRO held a Stakeholder Discussion on Gender Mainstreaming (PUG) in Social Forestry (PS), on February 23, 2021. This virtual discussion aimed to receive input from stakeholders related to the study being carried out by PATTIRO. Present as expert speakers were Suraya Afif (Researcher), Sulistiyono (Gender Working Group of NTB Province) and Yulius Hendra (PUG-PPRG National