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Unresolved Decentralization Causes Public Services to Suffer


In 1999, decentralization and regional autonomy were introduced in Indonesia to improve public services and increase accountability and transparency in local governance. After over a decade, people living outside the capital, such as in Banten province, still have poor access to health care and education, for instance, despite huge budgetary allocations from the central government

West Nusa Tenggara Information Management Officer is Indonesia’s Best

OCTOBER 30, 2013 Ministry of Home Affairs has recognized West Nusa Tenggara’s Information Management Officer (PPID) to be the best PPID in Indonesia. West Nusa Tenggara’s Public Information System is seen as being very useful for the community. West Nusa Tenggara’s achievement is also shared with Central Java and East Java. The award is given

Announcement of Evaluation E-Public Auction

PENGUMUMAN LELANG No.: 146/EXT.PTIR/AIPD-CATI/IX/2013 Berdasarkan hasil evaluasi administrasi, teknis dan harga penawaran kegiatan Pengembangan dan Implementasi Teknologi Komunikasi Informsi / ICT Aplikasi E-Public di Prov. Jawa Timur dan Kab. Malang, tim evaluasi dan panitia pengadaan PATTIRO menetapkan nama-nama calon pelaksana kegiatan terpilih berdasarkan nilai evaluasi, sebagai berikut: NO NAMA ALAMAT NILAI 1 PT Agib Solusi

Resident of Sigerongan Plan to visit an Asset Office

Dozens of Sigerongan villagers will go to the public asset office of West Lombok next Monday (22/7) after chaotic asset management happened in the villages concerned. Head of Bungpas Barat village Mr. Musabah said the overlapping of land status in the village quite a lot happened. It estimated amounts to 20 acres.These lands under disputes

The Dispute Information was registered to NTB Information Commission

NTB Information Commission began received a dispute information request submitted by the public. On Friday, July 26, 2013 Forum Wanita Mandiri – the Independent Women’s Forum (FORWANI) North Lombok, represented by Nuri Muliana invoke the dispute information because the requested information addressed to the Health Department was not granted. The Requested information is list of