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Open Government Partnership National Consolidation Day

Since the Open Government Partnership Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Bali, May, 2014, the civil society’s belief that the Open Government Partnership could bring big changes in the Indonesian government has grown stronger. From then on, the civil society has also become more aware of their part in the government. They now realize that in

An Overview of #OGPinMalaysia

Tuesday, 20 September 2011. An Open Government Declaration was established. Eight countries, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Philippines, South Africa, and Indonesia, proclaimed themselves outright to join the OGP as their commitment in the realization of a transparent and accountable government. Now, the number of the OGP participating countries has

Expanding the Networking, South Sulawesi FoINI Forms a Coalition with Makassar Civil Society

Although it has been a subject of discussion among various of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) since years ago, public information disclosure is still the main concern of those CSOs desiring the realization of transparent and accountable governance. To fulfill this aspiration, the Makassar Legislative Monitoring Committee – Komite Pemantau Legislatif (KOPEL) Makassar – which is

Open Statement from The Event | “Ending Poverty: Why Strong, Accountable Institutions Matter”

24 September 2014, New York We, the under-signed, believe transparent, accountable and inclusive institutions are vital if we are to end poverty and protect the planet. We are convinced that a specific goal addressing this urgent call is an essential component of the Post-2015 Development Framework. The reasons are overwhelming. Millions of citizens around the

PATTIRO Shares Its Experience at Asian Regional Conference in Malaysia.

On 25 February 2014, Agus Salim, Program Manager of B3WP PATTIRO, spoke at the Asian Regional Conference of gender responsive budgeting in Penang, Malaysia. The international conference, titled Gender Responsive Budget Narratives: Transforming Institutions, Empowering Communities,  was hosted by the Penang Women’s Development Cooperation (PWDC), in collaboration with the Penang State Government, two local authorities