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PATTIRO Conducted Training of Local Planning and Budgeting for Civil Society Organization in Bintang Mountain, Papua


June 11, 2013 “This training is extremely useful for us to better understand what is local planning and budgeting. The society has to improve the area together; District Government of Pegunungan Bintang has to put in a serious effort as well, don’t just get the salary but never even come to work!” said Leony, who

Budget Advocacy Training in Merauke Regency


June 10, 2013 “In this training, participants learned about citizen rights toward the budget, which the citizen is a contributor to local revenues through taxes and user charges, so they have the right to receive benefits from the government budget and have the right to find out where their money is being spent by the

NGO coalition urged that the candidates’ names for The Central Information Commission (KIP) Commissioner should open for Public


Working period of The Central Information Commission commissioner (KIP) will ended next June 2, 2013. Activists from the Center for Regional Studies and Information (PATTIRO), Bejo Untung revealed, until now the selection process of commissioners candidate is in the hands of president for pursing to 21 names. “If the tenure ended, the whole disputed information

Constitutional Court’s decision has been defeated at the House of Representatives: Government bill causes The Regional Head (Kepala Daerah) hard to be arrested


Draft  of Local Government Act (RUU Pemda)  potentially against the decision of the Constitutional Court (MK). In the decision of the Court in 2011, is mentioned, the investigation officer who lodged the law does not need written approval from the president. But, the government bill is being discussed in the Parliament, the Constitutional Court returned

Local Government Bill Should Not Inhibits Law Enforcement in Taking Actions Against The Corruption Committed By Regional Head, Jakarta: House of Representatives and the government urged to change the substance of Article 74 of Local Government bill which is related to the investigation action toward regional head and deputy regional head that violate the law as an act of corruption. This article was impeded law enforcement because it requires the approval of