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Mataram Dialogue Forum (MDF) Talk Show; The Closure of New Student Admission Information in West Lombok and Mataram


JULY 3, 2013 Many schools in West Lombok and Mataram, NTB, which tend to be closure in the process of new student admissions. If any, the information submitted is not complete but half-and-half, primarily related to the capacity of new students. This condition was revealed in Mataram Dialogue Forum (MDF) Talkshow, which was broadcast by

Citizen Budget Design Training


During this time only few local government (Pemerintah Daerah) undertake APBD socialization as a form of budget transparency. In fact, the socialization of the budget to the public become  Local Government (Pemerintah Daerah) mandatory as mandated in Permendagri  No. 59 of 2007 section 116 concerning the management of the budget. Still there are many Local

Pers Release FOINI Coalition | Commisioner of 2013-2017 CIC Elected in the Closed Process of Parliamentary


Press Release FREEDOM OF INFORMATION NETWORK INDONESIA (FOINI) Freedom of Public Information Commissioner 2013-2017 Period Was Selected in the Closure Process BORN FROM CLOSURE PROCESS  The election process of Information Commission 2013-2017 period has ended. Based on the feasibility and proper test (Fit & Proper Test) which is conducted by  Parliament where finally elected seven

PATTIRO’s assisted Citizens groups request for Information to the Department of Education and the Department of Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil), Dompu, NTB


Monday (07/6/2013) community center (CC) or a group of citizens from Dompu NTB apply for information to the Department of Education, Department of Youth and Sports (Dikpora) and the Department of Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil) Request for information to Dikpora was submitted on behalf of Dodi Herdiana. Request for information submitted by numbered letter

PATTIRO Conducted Training of Local Planning and Budgeting for Civil Society Organization in Bintang Mountain, Papua


June 11, 2013 “This training is extremely useful for us to better understand what is local planning and budgeting. The society has to improve the area together; District Government of Pegunungan Bintang has to put in a serious effort as well, don’t just get the salary but never even come to work!” said Leony, who