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The Minister of Interior and the Governor of Papua has submitted the Draft Revision of Papua Special Autonomy Law


Jakarta – The House of Representatives held a discussion meeting on Papua Special Autonomy (Otsus) issues with Governor of Papua, Governor of West Papua and relevant ministries. The criticism on special autonomy law implementation has emerged in the meeting that Papua Special Autonomy (Otsus) is not up to an expectation. Indonesia Government through the Interior

Survey in 18 Ministries: Public Service is still poor


Lack of clarity on service period triggers bribery. “If it can be slowed down why it must be accelerated.” Public services in several Ministries related to compliance with the Public Service Act No. 25 /2009 are still apprehensive. According to the recent survey conducted Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia. Chief of Ombudsman Danang Girindrawardana

LOCAL ELECTION BILL (RUU PILKADA): The Regent and Mayor Election issue is ongoing discussed


JAKARTA, KOMPAS – Despite government is trying to negotiate some issues related to revision of local government law; some issues still have not been agreed. One of them is the regent / mayor issues. Government still wants regent / mayor election conducted by Parliament. While the majority fraction in parliament still want regional head (kepala

Residents of North Lombok Regency increasingly active in Promoting Public Information Disclosure


Public Information disclosure advocacy in North Lombok regency (kabupaten Lompok Utara) becomes more frequent performed by citizens. Especially that pertaining to health services and personal documents. Until now many people have complained about information related to Community Health Insurance Card (Jamkesmas) receivers. Whereas citizens considers this information is very important as a reference for them

Request for Information Movement Getting Widespread

Community member does not seem to squandered the existence of Information Law (UU KIP). This law guarantees used to obtain a variety of information directly related to daily life of citizen. The following is the story of request for information movement in NTT and NTB. Ngada, NTT Ngada Civil Society Network (JASMIN) on June 7,