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CSOs Coalition Formed to Supervise Budgeting in Merauke

MERAUKE – Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation (AIPD) hold-up activities to the formation of coalitions (network) Civil Society Organization (CSO) activists for 22 people in Merauke. Activities facilitated by PATTIRO (Center for Regional Information and Studies) was held in the meeting room Bappeda Merauke, Friday (7/12) yesterday. Facilitator BK CSO, Bastian Hendro Wibowo, said the

13 CSOs Declare Papua Alliance for Budget Transparency

JAYAPURA – A total of 13 Civil Siciety Organizations (CSOs) in Papua following the Workshop Build Coalition of CSOs in Papua and agreed to declare the Alliance for Budget Transparency Papua or Aliansi untuk Transparansi Anggaran Papua (ATAP). The alliance will focus on monitoring and advocacy for the use of public funds, especially with regard

PATTIRO Open Complaints Car

SOLO – Public services in a number of villages and districts in the city of Solo found still bad. Residents complain about the condition of public service both to the behavior of workers thes service when accessing public services. This conclusion is the result of research by the Center for Information and Regional Studies (PATTIRO)

PATTIRO Pekalongan Launches Public Service Complaint Month

PEKALONGAN – Center for Regional Information and Studies (PATTIRO) Pekalongan launched the Public Service Grievance Month. In this activity, PATTIRO Pekalongan established outposts complaints assisted residents in 12 communities, the electronic media and two student organizations to serve and accommodate the complaints of citizens. Hopefully, the use of the complaint posts to report any adverse

[Policy Discussion-I] RUU ASN, the Second Big Bang of Our Reformation

JAKARTA, 9 NOVEMBER 2012 – “The existence of the State Civil Aparatus Bill (RUU Aparatur Sipil Negara) is a marker for the ‘big bang’ both during the reform of our country,” said Sad Dian Utomo, Executive Director PATTIRO, when the policy-led discussions I held on Thursday, 9 November. Discussions held by the Public Policy Unit,