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PATTIRO Pekalongan Launches Public Service Complaint Month

PEKALONGAN – Center for Regional Information and Studies (PATTIRO) Pekalongan launched the Public Service Grievance Month. In this activity, PATTIRO Pekalongan established outposts complaints assisted residents in 12 communities, the electronic media and two student organizations to serve and accommodate the complaints of citizens. Hopefully, the use of the complaint posts to report any adverse

[Policy Discussion-I] RUU ASN, the Second Big Bang of Our Reformation

JAKARTA, 9 NOVEMBER 2012 – “The existence of the State Civil Aparatus Bill (RUU Aparatur Sipil Negara) is a marker for the ‘big bang’ both during the reform of our country,” said Sad Dian Utomo, Executive Director PATTIRO, when the policy-led discussions I held on Thursday, 9 November. Discussions held by the Public Policy Unit,

Networks Consolidation of PATTIRO Raya in PUPN Anyer 2012

Since its establishment in 1999, PATTIRO have contributed in facilitating the interaction of the actors in the making of public policy and in improving public services and budgets in the area. In playing its role, PATTIRO facilitate civil society to advocate budget, initiation of local regulation, and to develop an improved model of public service

Dibutuhkan Segera

Program Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation (AIPD) melaluiPATTIRO sebagai implementing partnerkegiatan‘Dukungan terhadap Penguatan Kapasitas dan Pendampingan CSO dalam Perencanaan, Penganggaran dan Pengawasan Penggunaan Anggaran Publik di 5 propinsi dan 20 kabupaten di Indonesia’, saat ini sedang membutuhkan staf yang akan menempati posisi : 1. PUBLIC SERVICE OFFICER (1 orang) masing-masing untuk ditempatkan di Propinsi Jatim,

Training on Revenue Sharing Calculation and EITI at Subnational Level


The Members of PWYP-Indonesia, PATTIRO and LPAW Blora, with the support of Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) held a trainings on extractive industries oil and gas revenue sharing (DBH=dana bagi hasil) calculations and projections. PATTIRO and LPAW are the member of PWYP-Indonesia. The one day training aims to provide better understanding on revenue streams (flow of