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To Expand Ecological-Based Fiscal Transfer Policy Initiatives in the Regional Level, PATTIRO and TAF Hold Training for CSOs

2020.03.27.Latih CSO ttg TAPE dan TAKE

Since 2018, The Asia Foundation (TAF) together with the Civil Society Organization (CSO) Network has developed initiatives to encourage policies on ecological-based fiscal transfers at the regency level, called the Ecology-based Regency Budget Transfers (TAKE), and at the provincial level, called the Ecology-based Provincial Budget Transfer (TAPE). TAPE and TAKE are incentive schemes in the

PATTIRO wins the Global Think Tank award again for 2019

Kartu ucapan think tanks 2020

Jakarta, Februari 15, 2020. Based on the “2019 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report” released in January 2020 by the University of Pennsylvania, PATTIRO once again made the list of the Top Transparency and Good Governance Think Tanks, at the 34th position out of 67 world think tanks on the issues of transparency and

Bali Green Leadership Forum: Ecology-Based Fiscal Initiative


“Bali Green Leadership Forum: Ecology-Based Fiscal Initiative” Nusa Dua, Bali, January 23, 2020 A number of Regional Heads who have and are implementing Ecological Fiscal Transfer (EFT) schemes have gathered in Bali for the Bali Green Leadership Forum, Thursday, January 23, 2020. The event, organized by the Center for Regional Studies and Information (PATTIRO) and

“Fiscal Incentive Schemes to Promote Environment and Forest Protection”


The government has committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 29% on its own efforts and reach 41% with international assistance in 2030, from the state of Business as Usual/BAU. This effort requires synergy between the Government, the Provincial Governments and the Regency Governments in accordance with their respective authorities. In line with this, commitments

Can National Parks be Transformed into Public Service Agencies?


While increasing the number of visitors to National Parks can indeed increase revenue for the state treasury, on the other hand, it is also feared to threaten the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in national parks. The discourse to encourage national park management centers to implement the  Public Service Agency (BLU) Financial Management Pattern (PPK)