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Reflections of the 2019 Elections: State Civil Apparatus Neutrality Violations Still Prevalent, Enforcement of Sanctions Still Weak


Violations of State Civil Apparatus (ASN) neutrality during the 2019 elections were quite prevalent. Unfortunately, law enforcement in the form of sanctions for violating ASNs has been weak. This was stated by PATTIRO Program Manager, Bejo Untung in a public discussion titled “Reflections of the 2019 Elections: ASN Neutrality and Quality of Procedural Democracy,” which

Rehabilitation of Critical Lands Difficult to Accomplish


JAKARTA, KOMPAS – Efforts to rehabilitate forests and critical land in Indonesia have found difficulty catching up to the extent of tree cover at the locations to be rehabilitated. Although in this year the forest and land rehabilitation budget was increased by 325 percent to achieve the target of 205.78 thousand hectares, it is going

Encouraging the Self-Reliance of the Indigenous Papuans (OAP): Suggestions for Papuan Development Priorities in 2020-2024 RPJMN


Jakarta, 15 April 2019 The attention of the Central Government towards the Papua region over the past four years has been demonstrated by the implementation of massive infrastructure development. It is recognized that this development has succeeded in opening the isolation of citizens and increasing connectivity between regions. However, this connectivity has not yet been

Neutral Civil Servants, Strong and Independent Bureaucracy

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JAKARTA - “Millennial Civil Servants, Pioneer of the Civil Servant Neutrality Movement”, “Out of Date, if Civil Servants do Politics”, “Watch and Report Civil Servant Neutrality Violations”, these are slogans campaigned by the State Civil Apparatus Commission (KASN) in the public campaign movement of Neutrality of the State Civil Apparatus on Sunday (03/10/2019) on Car Free Day (CFD) in Jakarta. Nurhasni, Assistant

Staying in the Top Global 40 of the 2018 Global Think Tank, PATTIRO Commits to Improve Research Quality


Last January, the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania issued the 2018 Global Think Tank Index report. This report lists the influential think tanks in the world. In the midst of tighter competition with the increasing number of think tanks, PATTIRO as a research and advocacy institution in Indonesia is again included in the list in the 34th position