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PATTIRO Book Bazaar

In response to many book requests, throughout the month of November 2015, PATTIRO will share hundreds of books we have produced for free to those who are interested. For you who want you to have the books, you can come directly to PATTIRO Office on Jalan Mawar, Komplek Kejaksaan Agung Blok G 35, Pasar Minggu, South

Right Leg for Eating, Left Leg for Washing

Whitewash small studio with small terrace looks usual, clean yards same with the next two houses. At a glance, there is nothing different with another resident. But who knows, behind the house, a woman lived with physical disability. It is not easy to find her house. This newspaper deliberately visits to see her activities who

The Government Forget Disabilities Group


Aimas-Yayasan PATTIRO invites stakeholders, including health sector to discuss the government’s commitment in fulfilling the rights of disabilities in Sorong. Community health center will become a model target for activities to fight the right of disabilities. Yayasan PATTIRO surveyed in 3 communities health center, namely Puskesmas Aimas, Mayamuk, and Mariat, the result will see the

The Development of Draft Bill on Persons with Disabilities

By: Nurjanah* Law Number 4 Year 1997 on Disabled Persons is no longer relevant to be used. Not only in the sociological context, but also in juridical and philosophical context, this regulation should be revised adjusting the principals of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. To change the civil society stigma and their

PATTIRO Launched SMS Lontara to Improve Health Care Service for Pregnant Women


Since 2011 until 2013, maternal mortality rate (MMR) in Jeneponto District had fluctuated. The MMR in 2011 was not more than 61 deaths per 100.000 births which is pretty good. However, the rate increased almost three times to 169 deaths in 2012. Nevertheless, according to the data published by Jeneponto Health Department, the MMR was