Citizen Assessments of Health Center Services in Jeneponto District


A survey was undertaken by collecting data through questionnaires of a population within the total patient visits at 18 health centers in 2012. The making of the questionnaire was based upon a citizen’s charter that had been agreed upon by the 18 local health centers in the Jeneponto district. The citizen assessments of public services

Dompu 2013 Local Budget Analysis Result – Health Sector


The Health Agency, as one of the Local Government Working Units (SKPD) in Dompu Regency, has conducted budget planning by referring to the existing regulations. However, it does not necessarily mean that it has been able to fulfill the needs of the stakeholders especially the poor, both men and women. Therefore, it is very necessary

West Lombok 2013 Local Budget Analysis Result


Addressing the local budget utilization in West Lombok since 2010 – 2013, there are many things that need to be analyzed and examined together with hope that the budget utilization can be improved and better managed in the future. This analysis is part of the process to make it easier for the public to understanding

Budget Analysis – Maternal and Neo-Natal Health in NTB


Download this document here Budget Analysis – Maternal and Neo-Natal Health in NTB – PDF Version or Budget Analysis – Maternal and Neo-Natal Health in NTB – Word Version A.    SNAPSHOT OF MMR/IMR IN NTB PROVINCE  1.      Infant Mortality Trend  Sumber: Diolah oleh PATTIRO NTB dari NTB dalam Angka 2012 Rates of Infant Mortality (IMR) in