Annual Report

PATTIRO’s Annual Report Year 2015


In this annual report, PATTIRO reiterates the efforts undertaken in line with the three focus areas, namely transparency, public service accountability, and public finance management. For PATTIRO, 2015 was a time to solidify its position on two main issues: Health and Village. The first is strongly associated with a variety of successful initiatives launched in

PATTIRO’s Annual Report Year 2014

Laporan Tahunan 2014

The 2014 Annual Report takes Transparency Focus Area as the main theme, which highlights PATTIRO’s journey in promoting transparency issue, lesson learnt, and further agenda. The emphasis on transparency issue is regarding the fact that most activities performed in 2014 are related to it. Briefly, PATTIRO’s journey in promoting transparency issue can be divided into

PATTIRO’s Annual Report Year 2013


Since its establishment in 1999, Center for Regional Information and Studies (PATTIRO) has produced many outputs and reached various achievements, as well as given significant contributions to changes in society and government in Indonesia. Through its three focus areas, transparency, as well as public finance and social accountability, PATTIRO has always seek to ensure the

PATTIRO’s Annual Report Year 2012


In 2012, PATTIRO managed to finish its entire works in three focus areas, public service, public policies, and public finance management. Through the works PATTIRO conducted throughout the year, we tried to improve the quality of public service the government provided for the citizens, create governance reform, and ensure the realization of social welfare in

PATTIRO’s Annual Report Year 2011

Tahun 2011

In this last ten years, after reformation in the late 1990’s, Indonesia experienced rapid changes in its life of state. Both government and its citizens were committed to uphold the values of Human Rights and implement the spirit of democracy and decentralizations to the governance. The government’s commitment to always honor the Human Rights values