Restoring the Rights of the People: The Experience of Nahdliyyin Center Pekalongan in Developing and Empowering Communities


“After the political era political parties competing for power, followed by the power of the professionals and then the army / military for thirty years, now came the era to witness the emergence of the role of religious institutions (such as clerics and so on). —– KH Abdurrahman Wahid, “Are Pesantren Hold Politics?,”, October

PATTIRO’s Annual Report Year 2011

Tahun 2011

In this last ten years, after reformation in the late 1990’s, Indonesia experienced rapid changes in its life of state. Both government and its citizens were committed to uphold the values of Human Rights and implement the spirit of democracy and decentralizations to the governance. The government’s commitment to always honor the Human Rights values

Managing Think Tanks


Good governance is a national agenda to make government more effective, efficient, and siding with the public. What is needed is clear increase community involvement in government oversight. But more than that, also needed alternative solutions to address issues of national development and nation, then, in this case the presence of the institutions think tank

The Map of Subsidized Fertilizer Problems in Indonesia


Indonesia has implemented a policy of subsidized fertilizers since the 1970s. This policy aims to ease the burden of farmers so that when they need fertilizer to crops, fertilizers are available at affordable prices. There is the argument that, in the first use of fertilizer technology until recently recognized as the intensification of agricultural technology