APBD Supervision Training Module for CSOs


Authors: Fitria Muslih Rohidin Sudarno Abdul Waidl Alif Basuki Cristian Markus This module was written to support budgetary advocacy training activities that are undertaken by CSOs in five provinces and 20 districts that constitute the AIPD program area. To download the APBD Supervision Training Module for CSOs via Google drive, click here Module material encompasses

Information Openness Series: Module on the Strengthening of Community Capacity for Accessing Information


This module was compiled as a guide or reference for parties that carry out training for the strengthening of citizens’ capacity to access information from public bodies. Citizens will be capable of obtaining the information that they need and in other ways encourage the improvement of the quality of public service delivery, such that their

Application Guideline of Citizen Report Card (CRC) for CSOs


The Citizen Report Card (CRC) is one method of representing the voice of the people as receivers of public services. The report card is a tool that allows for the compiling of public service user ratings and dissemination of that information back to the users of these services as well as service providers. Services are

Training Guideline of Citizen Report Card (CRC) for CSOs


Program for Strengthening CSOs in Planning and Budgeting for a Better Public Services Delivery CRC is one device that is simple but very useful for observing performance in public services delivery through involving a process of dialogue between public institutions as the service provider and the community as the service receiver. This dialogue can result

North Lombok 2013 Local Budget (APBD) Pocketbook


Health and education budget information pocketbook is an actualization of local government’s commitment for budget and policy transparency. Through this book, the public receives the correct information so that they can see their local government performance particularly in local budgeting in North Lombok. Local government budget (APBD) is conducted transparently and responsibly and is utilized