Budget Advocacy Training Module For CSO (Civil Society Organization)


  This module was developed as training materials that will be implemented by AIPD as support for CSO. One of the AIPD support that has given to CSO is capacity building in planning and budgeting as well as monitoring of public budgets. AIPD sees that participatory planning and budgeting is one of the important issues

School Operational Assistance program (BOS) Book: Consistency of Mandate, Sustainability, and Accountability


Indonesia Government has prepared numerous programs, and among these programs is strategic value and gaining a large portion of the allocation policy , That’s School Operational Assistance program (BOS).  The program is become a government mainstay to increase the number of children with the opportunity to access education. To provide strong support for the Government’s

Guidebook for People to Get Information


In everyday life, we certainly need the information, whether it is information relating to employment, physical and spiritual interests, health, education, daily needs, as well as relevant developments in science all around us and in the other hemisphere. Every person has the right to freedom of information as a human right that is recognized internationally

Advocacy Training Module on Gender Responsive Budgeting Performance Based

Modul ARG

After 60 years of Indonesian independence, the welfare (health education, and the economy) women in Indonesia is still low. This is reflected in the Human Development Index (HDI) and Gender Development Index (GDT) Indonesia is still low. Similarly, the Gender Empowerment Measurement (GEM), Indonesia is not in a position encouraging. This marked the low level

Restoring the Rights of the People: The Experience of Nahdliyyin Center Pekalongan in Developing and Empowering Communities


“After the political era political parties competing for power, followed by the power of the professionals and then the army / military for thirty years, now came the era to witness the emergence of the role of religious institutions (such as clerics and so on). —– KH Abdurrahman Wahid, “Are Pesantren Hold Politics?,”, October