National Strategy for Accelerating Gender Mainstreaming through Planning and Gender Responsive Budgeting (PPRG National Strategy)


This national strategy book is used to accelerate the implementation of gender mainstreaming in accordance with the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN 2010-2014). The national strategy made in order the implementation of gender mainstreaming become more purposeful, systematic and synergetic, and sustained, both at the national level and regional level. Policy direction and PPRG

Information Disclosure Series: PPID Training module


All public agency mandated by Freedom of Information Law to appoint an Information and Documentation Management official (Pengelola Informasi dan Dokumentasi- PPID) in their institution. Each PPID has a central role in Public Agency. PPID role for public bodies internally is responsible for managing information, whereas the role of the PPID externally i.e., duty to

Our Money, Our Responsibility


Why Civil Society Groups need to drill down and tracking public expenditures budget? “Sometimes government officials confuse to differentiate between public money and their own money.” – Budget Advocacy Activists- Uganda) Our Money Our Responsibility-  Bahasa version “If I give my child 10 rupees then I ask my son to go to the market for

Pocket book series: TIPS & TRIK Mengkritisi APBD Panduan Praktis untuk Analisis APBD


This small book is a story collection of PATTIRO experiences in budget advocacy work over last five years. One of PATTIRO experience is technical assistance to parliament members and also to different city / county officials in Indonesia. Therefore, several cases provided in this book are cases findings and observations. Budget analysis is done to

Manual ASMS – Multi Stakeholder Social Audit


Developing Evidence-based Society’s Voice Social audit is a society monitoring tool for government performance that is developed in the Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program – 2 (SIAP-2) that is run by PATTIRO and funded by the USAID (United States Agency for International Development). The idea for social audit originally came from a research that was