Public Finance Management Reform

Launching of APBD (Local Budget) Publication in East Flores; inspired by Lebak regency, the Regent is willing to contribute


Local Budget (APBD) Publication of East Flores regency government is becoming the first launch in all PATTIRO working area that includes 5 provinces and 20 districts. Regency government’s official has supported this initiative by financing amount 39 million rupiah for media publication printing including billboards, posters and book . The event started at 07:30 until

The Minister of Interior and the Governor of Papua has submitted the Draft Revision of Papua Special Autonomy Law


Jakarta – The House of Representatives held a discussion meeting on Papua Special Autonomy (Otsus) issues with Governor of Papua, Governor of West Papua and relevant ministries. The criticism on special autonomy law implementation has emerged in the meeting that Papua Special Autonomy (Otsus) is not up to an expectation. Indonesia Government through the Interior

Our Money, Our Responsibility


Why Civil Society Groups need to drill down and tracking public expenditures budget? “Sometimes government officials confuse to differentiate between public money and their own money.” – Budget Advocacy Activists- Uganda) Our Money Our Responsibility-  Bahasa version “If I give my child 10 rupees then I ask my son to go to the market for

Papua’s special autonomy funds (Dana Otsus) are not effective


Indonesian governments are urged to open up the disserted and isolated areas to address poverty in Papua. JAKARTA – Special Autonomy Fund (Dana Otsus) in Papua which has allocated by central government in the frame of State Budget (APBN) continue to be improved. However, the addition funds was not correlated with a decrease number and

Citizen Budget Design Training


During this time only few local government (Pemerintah Daerah) undertake APBD socialization as a form of budget transparency. In fact, the socialization of the budget to the public become  Local Government (Pemerintah Daerah) mandatory as mandated in Permendagri  No. 59 of 2007 section 116 concerning the management of the budget. Still there are many Local