Could the Sanction of DAU Disbursement Postponement be Revoked?


On April 29, 2020, the Ministry of Finance issued Decree of the Minister of Finance Number 10/KM.7/2020 concerning Postponement of Disbursement of General Allocation Funds (DAU) and/or Profit Sharing Funds to Regional Governments that Do Not Make Adjustments to the 2020 Fiscal Year Regional Budget (APBD). Through this ministerial decree, 380 provinces and districts/cities were

What are the impacts of echelon simplification in the regions?


Simplification of the bureaucracy is a mandate delivered by President Joko Widodo during his inauguration on October 20, 2019. Simplification of the bureaucracy is carried out at ministries, government agencies and local governments, of which one method is through trimming the structural ranks or echelons, from five echelons to only two namely echelons I and

Optimalization of the Utilization of DBH DR for the Acceleration of Social Forestry

Ulasan DBH DR-rev-14-Maret-2018_BU

At the end of 2017, the Government issued Regulation of the Minister of Finance (PMK) Number 230/PMK.07/2017 on the Use, Monitoring and Evaluation of Natural Resource Shared Revenue Funds and Reforestation Funds (DBH DR). This PMK is the mandate of Law Number 15 of 2017 on 2018 Fiscal Year State Budget, which regulates the use

Village Authority in Adapting to Climate Change


By Rokhmad Munawir * Climate change is a phenomenon of nature that occurred significantly towards the weather patterns that occur in a specific time period. There is a general understanding that climate change is a drastic change in temperature, rainfall and the season and wind patterns. The change does not just occur naturally. There are

The Impact of Partial Deferral of Transfer of the 2016 General Allocation Grant to Public Service in Various Areas


The government has recently published Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) Number 125/PMK.07/2016 on the Partial Deferral of Transfer of the General Allocation Grant (DAU) of the 2016 Fiscal Year. The PMK was signed on 16 August 2016 by the Minister of Finance. Based on the PMK, the government will defer the grant by Rp. 19.418