PATTIRO Open Complaints Car

SOLO – Public services in a number of villages and districts in the city of Solo found still bad. Residents complain about the condition of public service both to the behavior of workers thes service when accessing public services. This conclusion is the result of research by the Center for Information and Regional Studies (PATTIRO)

PATTIRO: Free Legal Assistance Minim Socialization

SEMARANG – Center for Regional Information and Studies (PATTIRO) assess legal aid services by the City of Semarang for free to the poor is still minimal socialization so that people are turning to non-governmental organizations (NGOs). “Many poor people do not know that there is free legal aid provided by the City Government of Semarang

BOS: Mandate Consistency, Sustainability and Accountability

Laporan BOS

Implementation of the mandate of the constitution, the 1945 Constitution and the legislation on compulsory education is necessarily carried out seriously by the Government. And this is shown by the high value of the budget allocated to this area. One of the flagship programs in education is the Operational School Assistance Program. Since its implementation

PATTIRO: People are not Satisfied on the Public Service in Solo

TEMPO.CO, Surakarta – Tingkat kepuasan masyarakat dalam mengakses layanan publik di Surakarta dinilai rendah. Penilaian tersebut muncul berdasarkan penelitian yang dilakukan oleh Pusat Telaah dan Informasi Regional (PATTIRO) Solo selama beberapa bulan terakhir. Pegiat PATTIRO Solo, Alif Basuki, menyebutkan bahwa mereka telah melakukan penelitian terhadap 300 responden. “Data lapangan kami peroleh dengan wawancara mendalam,” kata

PATTIRO Pekalongan Launches Public Service Complaint Month

PEKALONGAN – Center for Regional Information and Studies (PATTIRO) Pekalongan launched the Public Service Grievance Month. In this activity, PATTIRO Pekalongan established outposts complaints assisted residents in 12 communities, the electronic media and two student organizations to serve and accommodate the complaints of citizens. Hopefully, the use of the complaint posts to report any adverse