Video Competition“Yuk Awasi!” or “Let’s Watch!” is a short video competition organized by Pusat Telaah dan Informasi Regional (PATTIRO) as part of the Strengthen Integrity Accountability Program (SIAP) II which raise three thems as follows : Themes raise in this competition are: Manipulation or Success Story of Subsidized BOS (Cost of School Operational Funds); Manipulation

Reformation, Regional Otonomy and CSO/NGO


Speaking of history of change and development in Indonesia without speaking of CSO role is impossible. Dynamic social and political situation in Indonesia also brings changes to CSO or NGO movement map in Indonesia. The fall of Soeharto regime and the open opportunity for democratization process in Indonesia rose the discourse of good governance, accountability

Indonesia Now

Peta Indonesia

Indonesia is an intercontinental country having 17,508 islands. Its population reaches more or less 237 millions and is estimated to continue growing and reaching to 315 millions in 2035. With area of 1,919,440 kilometer square, Indonesia is the 16th world’s vastest country. Indonesia is also known as having the largest Moslem population in the world. There