The Impact of Partial Deferral of Transfer of the 2016 General Allocation Grant to Public Service in Various Areas


The government has recently published Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) Number 125/PMK.07/2016 on the Partial Deferral of Transfer of the General Allocation Grant (DAU) of the 2016 Fiscal Year. The PMK was signed on 16 August 2016 by the Minister of Finance. Based on the PMK, the government will defer the grant by Rp. 19.418

Panama Papers: Greasing the Wheel of Private Sector Transparency


By: Didik Purwondanu* “But this transparency needs to extend beyond the public sector and into the private sector, too. We need to know who really owns and controls our companies, not just who owns them legally, but who really benefits financially from their existence.” This is part of David Cameron the speech on Open Government

Reorganizing Village Plan and Village Area


By: Ardhi Maulana Fajrin* With the enactment of Village Law, Village has been amended to organize village administration. The change will affect the performance of village government. As been discussed in the meetings, now village plan is under village authority. But until now, there are still major obstacles in the implementation of the village plan mechanism.

Synchronization of Village Plan with District Plan


By: I Wayan Nike Suputra* Village is a part of system (spatial structure)[1]. In Urban & Regional Planning book, A System Approach (McLoughlin, 1969), definition of system explain below: A system is a set of interconnected part, but each part may be seen as a system itself, and the whole system may be regarded as but

Village Does Not Lose


By: Ardhi Maulana Fajrin* Opportunities in Sight The government has allocated one billion rupiah for villages. Village citizen can use the funds to develop local product that will potentially take in strategic market. However, to realize it village needs build cooperation with other parties. In Village law article number 91 written that “Village can conduct cooperation