CSOs Coalition Formed to Supervise Budgeting in Merauke

MERAUKE – Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation (AIPD) hold-up activities to the formation of coalitions (network) Civil Society Organization (CSO) activists for 22 people in Merauke. Activities facilitated by PATTIRO (Center for Regional Information and Studies) was held in the meeting room Bappeda Merauke, Friday (7/12) yesterday. Facilitator BK CSO, Bastian Hendro Wibowo, said the

13 CSOs Declare Papua Alliance for Budget Transparency

JAYAPURA – A total of 13 Civil Siciety Organizations (CSOs) in Papua following the Workshop Build Coalition of CSOs in Papua and agreed to declare the Alliance for Budget Transparency Papua or Aliansi untuk Transparansi Anggaran Papua (ATAP). The alliance will focus on monitoring and advocacy for the use of public funds, especially with regard

AIPD and PATTIRO Budget Analysis Training Held in Dompu NTB

District Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) is now no longer a state secret and shall be published. Citizens should be able to perform escort from start perecanaan to use towards pro. Birth of the law on local government provides opportunities to the region to regulate its use. The Act also marked the opening of public

NGOs Criticize Employee Benefits

SEMARANG – Community Care Coalition of Semarang Budget (Kompaks) comprised of several institutions refused income support personnel budgeting plan (TPP) and the increase in housing allowances for members of the Board. Institutions incorporated in Kompaks there are PATTIRO Semarang, the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Semarang, KP2KKN, KAMMI Semarang, PMII Semarang, Kemijen Community, Lamper Kidul

Openness and Transparency Key to Successful Development

JAKARTA – “World Bank sees openness and transparency as key in creating better development outcomes and increase accountability,” said Dini Sari Djalal, Senior Communications Officer World Bank Indonesia’s representative, while giving an open statement discussion titled World Bank and the Open Development, Monday (3 / 12) at the World Bank representative office of Indonesia, Jalan