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Bali Green Leadership Forum: Ecology-Based Fiscal Initiative


“Bali Green Leadership Forum: Ecology-Based Fiscal Initiative” Nusa Dua, Bali, January 23, 2020 A number of Regional Heads who have and are implementing Ecological Fiscal Transfer (EFT) schemes have gathered in Bali for the Bali Green Leadership Forum, Thursday, January 23, 2020. The event, organized by the Center for Regional Studies and Information (PATTIRO) and

Residents affected by the Batang-Semarang toll road construction expect fair and proper compensation as they are to be evicted


The 2018 Ied al-Fitr holidays is approaching in two months’ time, yet the process of completion of compensation for land used for the construction of Batang-Semarang Phase III toll road has not reached an agreement between the affected citizens and the Government (represented by the National Land Agency/BPN and the District Court). The eviction process,



PRESS RELEASE OF THE DBR DR OPTIMIZATION COALITION Jakarta, January 14, 2018 2018 Forest and Land Sector Budget Policy Outlook “Social Forestry realization has only reached 6%, KLHK needs a new breakthrough in 2018” In the five years of President Jokowi’s administration, the Government has targeted that social forestry reaches an area of 12.7 million

PATTIRO: The Villages Should Be At the Forefront in Alleviating Malnutrition Problems


Jakarta, 28 January 2016 – Indonesia is facing complicated nutrition problems. The 2013 Basic Health Research data shows that the number of infants weighing less prevalence is at 19.6%. While on the other hand, the number of obese children remains high, at 18.8%. This obesity problem also happens to the teenagers and the adults. PATTIRO

Ordering the Village Governments to Use the Village Fund Only for Infrastructure Development, PATTIRO: The President to Harm Villages’ Democratic Spirit


Jakarta, 15 January 2016 – President Joko Widodo ordered the village governments to use the 2016 village fund disbursed by the central government only for infrastructure development[i]. PATTIRO regards the president’s statement as something that has harm villages’ democratic spirit. “The decision has violated the Village Law mandate which has provided more democratic spaces to