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A Year Ruling the Country, Jokowi-JK Commitment to the Open Government Tends To Decline


JAKARTA — Civil society organizations see that during the first year of Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla tenure the commitment to implement the Open Government Partnership (OGP) tends to decline. Though Indonesia is one of OGP initiators, until this very moment, the Government is yet to create a clear policy to concretely carry out the OGP initiative.

PATTIRO: Beware of Village Funds Disbursement Fraud Mode


Jakarta – PATTIRO finds out that there are still many district governments who are yet to implement the Village Law mandate to disburse at least 80% of village funds at the second stage of its disbursement in last August. Even in the early October, in eastern Indonesia, there are many villages who received only 60% of

Jokowi-JK Focuses on Governance, Prabowo-Hatta Prioritizes Basic Services

Jakarta 8 June 2014.  On the Indonesia’s upcoming presidential elections on July 9, 2014, two opposing tickets will compete for the positions of President and Vice President, Prabowo – Hatta and Jokowi – JK. At the moment, the presidential election has begun its campaign period, with each presidential candidate is in the process of spreading

Gender Equality in the Village Act Must Be Observed

The Village Act Must Be Able to Improve the Welfare of Women PATTIRO : Gender Equality in the Village Act Must Be Observed  Every year, the 8th of March is celebrated as International Women’s Day in recognition of the contribution of women in the economic, political and social sectors. Recognising the issue of gender equality

The Beginning of Social Accountability Supports Improvement in Public Service Delivery

In the fourth week of January 2014, The Ministry for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RB) disclosed that there are still 449 district/city governments whose public service accountability performance is below the category of good. The Deputy Assistant of the Evaluation System of Bureaucratic Reform, Administrative Accountability and KemenPAN-RB Supervision, Gatot Sugiarto revealed that in this