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The Beginning of Social Accountability Supports Improvement in Public Service Delivery

In the fourth week of January 2014, The Ministry for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RB) disclosed that there are still 449 district/city governments whose public service accountability performance is below the category of good. The Deputy Assistant of the Evaluation System of Bureaucratic Reform, Administrative Accountability and KemenPAN-RB Supervision, Gatot Sugiarto revealed that in this

Application of the FOI Act and Community Advocacy will Encourage Budget Absorption

At the end of every year, the low budget absorption by government, both at the central and local level, always features significantly in the news. At the beginning of November 2013, the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) recorded local government budget absorption to be at only 68% on average throughout Indonesia. Whilst at the beginning

The Effective Use of Special Autonomy Funds in Papua and West Papua Can be Achieved Through Information Transparency

From 2002 until 2012, Papua Province received Rp 28.444 trillion in special autonomy funds and Rp. 5.271 trillion in infrastructure funding. Whilst, West Papua Province that was established in 2008, has received Rp. 5.409 trillion in special autonomy funds and Rp. 2.962 trillion in infrastructure funding. The question that arises from this is what has

PATTIRO Requests the Government to Maintain Consistency in the Establishment of PPID and the Undertaking of Monitoring and Evaluating

The high degree of local government enthusiasm and expectation over the implementation of the Public Information Openness Act (UU KIP) will improve information transparency, including transparency of governmental budgetary management and planning. Indirectly, this information transparency can reduce the potential for corruption and budgetary fraud. As part of this enthusiasm, many local governments have requested

11 UPB Students Deserve the Title of Public Information Disclosure Warrior

On the 10th of November, every year, we commemorate Hero Day. The word “hero” is not necessarily identical with a struggle to defend the nation. In the dictionary, the word hero is defined as a person that is prominent due to bravery and sacrifice in the defense of righteousness. Drawing on this definition, the Centre