Open Data at the Sunlight Foundation’s Transparency Unconference

Credit Photo: Sunlight Foundation

By: Timothy Lay, Volunteer in PATTIRO. From 29 May to 2 June 2014, the Sunlight Foundation hosted their annual TransparencyCamp in Washington, D.C. Held at the School of Public Policy, George Mason University, the TransparencyCamp brought together 800 participants, including students, online developers, CSO and donor representatives as well as academics. The Sunlight Foundation is

Background to the Open Government Partnership in Indonesia : the CSO Core Team

By: Nanda Sihombing, OGP Specialist, PATTIRO. As one of the eight founding members of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in 2011, Indonesia was appointed to the chairmanship in 2014.This was just one step, though, in the evolution of OGP in Indonesia. The first step in the development of OGP in Indonesia was the government’s establishment

Information Openness Series: Module on the Strengthening of Community Capacity for Accessing Information


This module was compiled as a guide or reference for parties that carry out training for the strengthening of citizens’ capacity to access information from public bodies. Citizens will be capable of obtaining the information that they need and in other ways encourage the improvement of the quality of public service delivery, such that their

Open Government & Public Information Disclosure Act (UU KIP) Urgency of Information Regulator


Public Information Disclosure Act (UU KIP) was formulated with several purposes that can be summed up into 5 stages: (i) to build a better management and information provision system in public institutions; (ii) to guarantee citizens’ right to information; (iii) to encourage public participation in decision-making processes; (iv) to encourage the accountability of governance; (v)

Open Government Politics: Government 3.0: State as a Platform


Obama’s victory received support extensive support within Silicon Valley. It is difficult to state that there is no strong connection between this support and the utilization of ICT in the “open government” doctrine of the Obama administration. ICT has been chosen as the primary media in building transparency and opening up participatory room. To assist