WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT Number: 091/SK/EKS.PTIR/AIPD/VI/2013 Based on the assessment stages administrative, technical and price proposals in order to offer the selection of the implementing partner activities “APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF E-PUBLIC, IN THE PROVINCE OF SOUTHEAST WEST NUSA ‘and taking into account: Provisions in the Request For Proposal document (RFP) No.064/EXT.PTIR/AIPD-CATI/V/2013 AIPD approval as development

NGO coalition urged that the candidates’ names for The Central Information Commission (KIP) Commissioner should open for Public


Working period of The Central Information Commission commissioner (KIP) will ended next June 2, 2013. Activists from the Center for Regional Studies and Information (PATTIRO), Bejo Untung revealed, until now the selection process of commissioners candidate is in the hands of president for pursing to 21 names. “If the tenure ended, the whole disputed information

Guidebook for People to Get Information


In everyday life, we certainly need the information, whether it is information relating to employment, physical and spiritual interests, health, education, daily needs, as well as relevant developments in science all around us and in the other hemisphere. Every person has the right to freedom of information as a human right that is recognized internationally