Staff and Management

Advisory Board
Syahrir Wahab. Before getting involved in the work of non-governmental organization, Syahrir, the founder as well as the Head of PATTIRO Advisory Board had been working as a journalist for more than ten years. He who was born in 1946 had also become a lecturer in several universities, not only in Indonesia but also abroad.
Geni Flori Achnas. Geni who serves as the member of PATTIRO Advisory Board had worked for the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) and ASEAN Secretariat for several years. She also has many experiences working in some organizations focusing on women empowerment issue and the fulfilment of people’s right for health.
Sad Dian Utomo. Sad Dian is one of PATTIRO founders. Since 1999 until 2006, Sad had actively involved in addressing the issues of transparency and public information disclosure in Indonesia. Before being appointed as PATTIRO Executive Director in 2012, Sad Dian took part in LOGICA Project implementation in Aceh. Currently, he is listed as one of Serang Raya University lecturers.
Supervisory Board
Maya Rostanty, MA. Graduated as Magister Administrative Science, majoring in Public Administration, University of Indonesia. Maya has more than 15 years’ experience in the decentralization and governance issues. She has good knowledge on Public Financial Management, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations, Gender Responsive Budgeting, and Bureaucratic Reform. She has a good networking with some stakeholders. She has also good analytical skills and writing, communication, facilitation and presentation skills. Maya also has extensive experience as a service provider/individual consultant in various donor agencies by providing technical assistance to the government and conducting studies in her expertise area.
Yulius Hendra Hasanuddin. Since joining the organization in 2000, Yulius has been focusing himself on gender issue. He has also put his attention on community organizing and capacity building activities.
Executive Board
Rohidin Sudarno. Joining the organization in 2004, Roi has many experiences working on poverty issue as well as public policy, public service, and public finance sectors. Since then, the member of PATTIRO Executive Board has produced many knowledge products. One of the products is Guideline on How to Utilize Citizen Report Card.
Fitria Muslih. Before working in PATTIRO Jakarta in 2007, Fitri was active in PATTIRO Tangerang and PATTIRO Banten. The senior operational manager is experienced in local planning and budgeting and has produced various books and modules, including Module on Village Finance Management Monitoring and Module on Budget Advocacy. Fitri is also now serving as the member of PATTIRO Executive Board.
Executive Director
Bejo Untung. Bejo started working in PATTIRO in 2013 as a consultant of information disclosure program. As he has advanced knowledge and deep understanding on that issue, both governmental institutions and civil society organizations used to ask him to be a trainer in the Public Information Disclosure Law implementation training. Currently, in a village empowerment program, Bejo takes part as one of researchers and also serves as Kedesa.ID website administrator.
Agus Salim, M.AP. Agus holds Master of Public Administration from Tirtayasa State University, Banten. He has more than 8 years of experience in conducting various studies on various issues, including climate change, budget tagging, gender responsive planning and budgeting, public service accountability, and public information disclosure. He also has experience in facilitation in various training.
Ramlan Nugraha, as Researcher and Program Officer.Before working ini PATTIRO Jakarta, Ramlan was active in PATTIRO Fasda West Java since 2009 through the Civil Society Initiative for Against Poverty (CSIAP) program. Ramlan was awarded by Kemenpan RI in National Competition of Best Practice Article about Burecreau Reform in Local Government (2012). Ramlan is currently involved in the advocacy of optimizing the Reforestation Fund to support social forestry in Indonesia.
Dilah Utami C, as Finance Manager. Dilah has the ability to manage the organization’s finances with a variety of different donors. Dilah has knowledge of taxation, as well as various donor financial management policies. Dilah also provided a lot of financial training for local CSOs in Indonesia.
Arie Prasetio, as IT Officer. Serving as PATTIRO ICT development officer since 2007, Arie is responsible for maintaining information technology infrastructures that support the organization’s activities and developing its website. Arie has also developed some application to support the work of other PATTIRO’s employees.
Wawanudin, S.IP, M.Si, as Researcher and Program Coordinator. Wawan is a lecturer and chief of Research and Community Service Center (Lembaga Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat/LPPM) STISIP Yuppentek, Tangerang. Wawan has extensive experience in beureaucratic reform. He is currently active in the Bureaucratic Reform Coalition and has a very good networking with the KemenPAN-RB and KASN.
Diah Mardhotillah, as research assistant. Joined PATTIRO since January 2018 as a Research Assistant. Although a fresh graduate from University of Indonesia, Diah has good ability in doing research related to public services.
Romdiyah Dewanty, as general Affair Asisstant. Joint us from 2012. She is responsible for managing the administration as well as fulfilling the office needs. She also assists the general affair officer to conduct procurement process and help program officers to manage program administration. Whenever PATTIRO organizes an event such as workshop, discussion, and meeting, Diyah will help preparing it.
Andwi Joko M, as Researcher and Program Officer. Before joining PATTIRO, Joko was the Director of PATTIRO Surakarta. Joko has more than 7 years experience in advocating with various issues, especially those related to public service issues, budget, and transparency.
Nurhasanah, as Finance Officer. joined PATTIRO since 2019. Nurhasanah has the ability in accounting and financial management of organizations.
General Affair Support