13 CSOs Declare Papua Alliance for Budget Transparency

JAYAPURA – A total of 13 Civil Siciety Organizations (CSOs) in Papua following the Workshop Build Coalition of CSOs in Papua and agreed to declare the Alliance for Budget Transparency Papua or Aliansi untuk Transparansi Anggaran Papua (ATAP). The alliance will focus on monitoring and advocacy for the use of public funds, especially with regard to education, health and infrastructure in the province of Papua.

This activity is facilitated by PATTIRO (Center for Regional Information and Studies) and the support of the Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation (AIDP), takes place in Swimming Fishing Purnama, Kampung Yoka Sentani, Wednesday (5/12) has managed to board of management by choosing Hans Paiki as ATAP Chairman and Board, chaired by former Deputy Mayor Jayapura, Sudjarwo.

Hans Paiki said to be a follow-up plan in order to perform the task at the beginning of January 2013.

“I think this task is very precious and important to mengawas and advocate the use of a transparent budget,” said Paiki who is also the Director of the Papua Corruption Watch (PCW).

He hoped that all members who have formed ATAP participants can support each other in the success of the work program will be prepared according to the vision and mission of this institution.

Meanwhile Clift Ohee representing AIDP said the event was aimed to formulate a consensus in the network, socialize existence of CSOs to the stake holders, strengthening CSO networks to play an active role in the process of planning, budgeting, and monitoring the use of public funds, and the formation of networks.

“I hope the networks that have formed the Alliance for Budget Transparency Papua (ATAP) can encourage the next public budget transparency Papua can be more open and better,” he said. He also congratulated to Hans who is willing to perform the task as Chairman of ATAP. (Jubi / Dominggus A Mampioper) Source: http://tabloidjubi.com/?p=5439