NGOs Criticize Employee Benefits

SEMARANG – Community Care Coalition of Semarang Budget (Kompaks) comprised of several institutions refused income support personnel budgeting plan (TPP) and the increase in housing allowances for members of the Board.

Institutions incorporated in Kompaks there are PATTIRO Semarang, the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Semarang, KP2KKN, KAMMI Semarang, PMII Semarang, Kemijen Community, Lamper Kidul Community, Pongangan Community, Rowosari Community and Candi Community.

Expressed by one member of the coalition, Aryanto Nugroho. According to their study, the two budgets were not based on the study. Aryanto explained, the proposed TPP on the original 2013 budget draft to reach Rp 100 billion. However, after the discussion of the budget was reduced to $ 95 billion. However, until now there has been no decision about it.

Activist of PATTIRO Semarang was confirmed, there was some discussion of the irregularities accompanying benefits. The main, TPP filing by the City Government is not accompanied by any study. In fact, based Permendagri No.. 59 In 2007, the TPP should be given to the provision of prior studies. “We are also questioning a housing allowance for members of the Board.”

Separately, Deputy Chairman of the Parliament Ahmadi confirmed TPP discussions and increased housing allowances for members of the Council had to be based on the assessment. If no, it did not dare discuss.

“Especially for the TPP, we’ve consulted the CPC. However, CPC insists not a consultative role and just told him to remain guided by the rules, “he said as he said, TPP was discussed in the Budget. (H35, H71)