Public Services in Jeneponto be Improved

JENEPONTO — Poor public services in government agencies, making Jeneponto Government, South Sulawesi, asked his staff to improve services.

As revealed in the public discussion between PATTIRO Jeneponto (Jeka), together with the Vice Regent Jeneponto Burhanuddin Baso Tika, Chairman of the Parliament Mulyadi Mustamu, Regional Secretary Iksan Iskandar, Kadisdukcapil Bakarang, Inspectorate Secretary Lau Zainel, and other invitation, which was held at Warung Rehan Bontosunggu, Tuesday 4 December, a number of agencies still considered bad service.

Among others, the Office of Civil Registration (Disdukcapil), Department of Education, Youth and Sports (Education Office), Department of Health and Hospitals, Village Governance, Service Raskin, and others.

Director PATTIRO Jeka, Dewi Sartika say, from six-point complaint post established for 42 days, a total of 726 complaints from the public service that goes to the post.

“From the complaint is found to still be a poor level of public services that occurred in this area. Consisting of 271 educational service complaints, service Raskin 246 complaints, 74 complaints Disdukcapil services, health services 64 complaints, 20 complaints Village Government Services and other 61 complaints, “said Ika Dewi Sartika close calls.

According to him, the government has not been rated yet earnest willingness to provide quality public services after Law No. 25 of 2009 on Public Service.

It is, said Ika, public service at its worst happens Disdukcapil. As the birth certificate which is very expensive and convoluted. Regular ID card and family card. Sometimes blank KTP, KK, and birth certificates Disdukcapil deliberately hidden elements to complicate citizen by reason of the cost of an expensive request.

Dept. of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil) Jeneponto, Bakarang said it had made a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and stuck to the price the cost of birth certificates, KK, and ID cards.

He insisted it had done a good standard of public service. It’s just people’s understanding of different conditions. “Later, after an ambulance in front of the office, then they want to take care of an ID card. That is, will an emergency such as illness, recently taking care of KTP and KK for Jamkesmas interests, “said Bakkarang.

District Secretary (Sekkab) Jeneponto, Iksan Iskandar said, if there were KTP and KK pay more than the standard, then it’s illegal entry. If there is illegal, then it has a duty Attorney and Police. He also asked if the PATTIRO Jeka get something like that to immediately report to law enforcement.

Meanwhile, Vice Regent Jeneponto, Burhanuddin Baso Tika, stating amazed with the results of a number of public complaints received 726 complaints PATTIRO institutions Jeka, when only 42 days work.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Parliament Jeneponto, Mulyadi Mustamu, assessing the number of complaints entered public service, the public is not satisfied with the current government. “Political promises given local governments are not good, especially the lack of effective public services running. This should be no follow-up related to the public service district this bad,” Mulyadi criticism. (Lom / lis)

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