Advocacy to Formation PPID Keerom Papua

Formation Advocacy Stories
Papua Keerom

by Peter Supardi
(District Facilitator Public Agency Keerom, Papua)

On 10 September 2012, I officially joined Center for Regional Information and Studies (PATTIRO), implementing support programs Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation (AIPD). I was stationed as a district facilitator Keerom public agency to the Community Access to Information (CATI).

As a newcomer in NGOs and in partnership with local governments, I need to adjust. Previously I worked at Franciscan SKPKC Papua, was involved in human rights advocacy (HAM), which tend to be in opposition to the state.

At first I was introduced to the system and working mechanism and AIPD PATTIRO and advocacy of public disclosure. The legal basis for advocating public disclosure is the Law. 14 In 2008, PP # 65 in 2010 and 35 in 2010 Permendagri.

In the early days, I focus on studying the mechanism of action and also the instrument which is the basis for advocacy. As a layman in the field of law, I try to wrestle three rules, as he saw examples of advocacy in other areas. Practical during September 2012, I met with friends in PATTIRO, studying public disclosure regulations and also meet with District Facilitator AIPD and go with some friends to undertake mapping CSO CSO in Keerom.

My partner and other AIPD use this time to get closer with public stakeholders Keerom. We can not kick off, start working because there must be a first meeting between Keerom regency (PMC) with implementing partners.

Anticipated time came, on October 1, 2012, a meeting was held between the PMC and AIPD Keerom with implementing partners: PATTIRO, Mazars, and KEUDA Uncen. We become acquainted with one another.

At that meeting, the District Keerom and AIPD explained the purpose and objectives of the program AIPD in Keerom. The goal is to create a responsive government, an active community and management (management) knowledge. Cally described AIPD focus on four key areas (SKPD), namely education, health, infrastructure (PU) and Planning Agency.

After attending a meeting with PMC, my executors CATI program in Papua received training for three days (2-4 October 2012) at the Hotel Mutiara Kotaraja Jayapura. We were introduced to the mechanism of action, target to be done and accomplished over a period of three years (2012-2015). We also introduced a public disclosure about the instruments and technical matters.

The next time, I am focused on preparing Socialization Law. 14 of 2008 on Public Information (KIP) for SKPD Keerom. To perform this task, my intensive coordination with DF AIPD Keerom Clief Ohee and Korprov CATI Rusmawardi. I prepared the invitation of participants, food and beverage, meeting room, greeting script Regents, and the last is very troublesome invitation to sources from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology center in Jakarta.

In early coordination with Korprov sources said that the invitation to be made by PATTIRO Jakarta, apparently after I coordinate with DF AIPD delivered Socialization Law. 14 of 2008 in the scope of local government is a huge undertaking Keerom Keerom regency, then that makes the invitation is Keerom regency, not PATTIRO.

Responding to this, I also made the invitation letter in two forms, one signed by the Secretary and the other signed by Assistant II. On October 18, 2012, I took my invitation letter to be signed by the Assistant Secretary II Adrianus Yerry Samonsabra or F. Dien. Apparently the two officers are very busy, Second Assistant Secretary in Jakarta while chairing meetings.

While looking for the right time with the pacing Regent Office Keerom, I also found time to share an invitation to all SKPD. I was assisted by Jerome Hamu, DF Strengthening Communities. Eventually spread to all SKPD invitation and CSO representatives.

Although the preparation of this socialization is almost finished, I was very nervous because the invitation to the speaker has not been signed. CATI Korprov Papua, Mr. Rusmawardi always ask, “Boss, how invitations to speakers Jakarta. Was it signed?”

Time is running out, there’s no sign of legislation to be signed soon. I was getting restless. To ensure the invitation immediately signed me always coordinate with DF AIPD to ask for instructions.

There was no time, it was October 22, 2012, but there is no sign of invitation will be signed. I am directed by the DF AIPD to inquire of the Secretary PMC Keerom, Mr. Tambunan. After some discussion, he gave the number of private secretary to Secretary so that I could ask for a signature Secretary.

Given the narrow time, he suggested that only scan signature Assistant II and included in the invitation, copy and send. On the advice of this, my conscience does not agree, and I say it is not good. I left the room Mr. Tambunan, with no success whatsoever. “Wait just a miracle,” that thought crossed my heart.

The next day, October 23, 2012, while in office Bappeda, my phone rang. It turns out the call was Assistant II. “My sister ko come already, that the Father may bring the invitation signature. But go ask first cap in the general section. Fathers are no events at the Governor’s Office Dok II Jayapura, “said Assistant II.

I immediately took the invitation to the General Section to be labeled. Until there was “interrogated” again. I said please call and check just as Assistant II. Head of General called Assistant II, not long before one of the staff went photocopy five copies and stamped, and I went to the Office of the Governor of Papua in Jayapura Dok II.

Arriving there I sent a SMS: “Father, I was already in front of the Sasana Krida.” Assistant II came out of the meeting room. We are looking for a place to locate a folder. Looks a table in the corner of the room. That’s where Assistant II signed the invitation to be sent to the informant from the Ministry of Information and Communication Jakarta.

I’m relieved. From the governor’s office, I headed to the office of Grand Kotaraja PATTIRO Papua. I handed the invitation to Korprov CATI. He asked Rudi Guntara (adminkeu) scans invitation and sent to Mr. Sincere Subardjono as speakers. “Thanks boss, for his hard work,” said Mr. Rush with a big smile.

After that I went straight back to Keerom. The next day, October 24, 2012, I met the Head of Public Relations and Protocol to give the order, and ensure the Regent’s speech MC who will serve tomorrow. The meeting took place warm and familial. Head of Public Relations and Protocol ensures that all will be coordinated with the Regent to open the event.

After a brief meeting, I returned to the Hall Bappeda to prepare a place. Gratitude Bappeda existing staff who are willing to prepare the room, including a banner. Not long, Roni Hamu, DF Strengthening Society, arrived with softcopy that is deposited by the regent’s speech Korprov. “Brother Piet, there is a deposit of Korprov Regent greeting script. Please edit first and then given to the protocol, “he said.

“Sorry, I already submit a script that I created. Let me use a script that I leave it alone, “I replied. Finally, we decided not to submit manuscripts brought by regents welcome Roni Hamu, because there is no time left.

Dated October 25, 2012 a historic day for public disclosure advocacy efforts in Keerom. The day was held Socialization Law. 14 of 2008 on Public Information for SKPD in the Keerom regency. Originally the event held at 10.00 CET, but because at the same time, Secretary chaired a meeting of the preparatory committee meeting of the coordination of national borders, the new show starts at 11:39 CET.

The event went very well, from the opening of the MC, I submit the report committee, forwarded Regent greeting represented by the Secretary Yerry F. Dien also opened the event, exposure of the material presented by the Director of IKP Kemenkominfo Sincere Assistant II Subardjono and Drs. Adrianus Samonsabra, to the RTL that is guided by Head of Communications and Informatics Dishubkominfo Keerom, Magike up.

The course is guided by a moderator socialization, chief Deddy Dishubkominfo Benefactor. In essence, the government is ready to form Keerom Acting Manager of Information and Documentation in SKPD. On that occasion it was also agreed that the Main PPID Keerom were Dishubkominfo. The event ends at 15:00 CET closed by Assistant II Adrianus Samonsabra.

Once again I was relieved and excited because this socialization can run very well and in accordance with the original plan. I think it can enjoy the quiet period. Turns out I was wrong, the next day, Friday, October 26, 2012 I was attacked by malaria. I’m hot and shivering in broad daylight.

Feeling myself no longer alone in the dorm, I had to force myself to get up and himself took the motor to Abepura hospital. The journey takes about fifty minutes. Arriving at the hospital, I went into the ER, almost fainted.

I was lying on the floor of the ER, and was asked to contact the family. I am confused to call anyone, because all family members in Merauke, Papua. In this situation an emergency department, I contacted a few friends. After waiting so long, Albert Pu’u come. It was he who took care of and watched me for pain.

After Albert came, the doctor examined me. It turned out well, my brother was attacked malaria tersiana Ples 2. My physical condition is very weak, then ask your doctor to be hospitalized. Moved from the ER to the inpatient unit, I was treated for three days.

Sunday, October 28, 2012, in the morning I’m home. Doctors are not allowed, but I have to go home because Monday had to work again, in coordination with the Dishubkominfo to follow up the formation PPID Keerom socialization.

I have completed the hospital cost of Rp. 700 thousand. After that, return to the step that is still unsteady. I stay at the boarding Albert, while recovering physically weak, and still coordinate with relevant agencies to the formation PPID Keerom be realized.

After I recovered from the illness, I prepared a draft decree Keerom of PPID. I’ve also included SOP that can be used as a guide for Main PPID. After coordinating and looking for the right time, on 14 November 2012 I submitted a draft decree PPID and SOP to the Head of Communications and Informatics Magiken up to learn and be corrected and adjusted to the conditions Keerom regency. Furthermore, Mr. SK Build the care of PPDI’s endorsement to the law.

I believe a great place to Mr. Wake. I think do not need to come in person to the law because it would have violated the protocol of government bureaucracy. Turns out I was wrong. Each time check, always answered already in the law, is being processed. The days passed like that, I began to suspect, “What’s wrong with this decree?”

On 26 November 2012, after meeting with Mr. Wake up, I went to the Head of Legal Rully I Ririmase. That’s where I got the information PPID draft decree had been delivered, but the letter from Chief Dishubkominfo no that can not be processed.

Hearing that answer, to the office after the meeting I asked Mr. Build Dishubkominfo care of that letter. The cover letter was finished and signed by Head, I drove him to the Law that SK PPID processed.

On 30 November 2012, I and Mr. Wake up to the Legal Department, the answer is always the same, “In progress.” Head of Law offers a copy, but we have to be patient, and wait for the original decree.

On December 6, 2012, I and Clief Ohee a meeting with the Head of Legal. As a result, he promised the SK PPID published soon. At that time, a copy of the decree issued PPID, but we still give time to the Regent could sign it first.

We continue to coordinate. At December 10, 2012, I am reminded that the Head of the Law Decree PPID published. A little later he called me and make sure that a copy of SK PPID will be published to be used by SKPD to allocate funds in the budget.

The next day, December 11, 2012, I received a text message from the Head of the Law that SK PPID copy was prepared. Me and Mr. SK PPID up taking it. Law Section has photocopied 40 copies for each SKPD Keerom regency. Once stamped, I brought the decree and provide a copy for DF AIPD.

“Target is a rising AIPD PPID SK, was the inauguration could be done next year, no need to rush because the government has a lot of agenda,” said Mr. Clief.

Now there PPID SK Office Dishubkominfo Keerom and ready to be distributed to all SKPD. I am happy and grateful that after the fight, finally, on December 11, 2012, decree of PPID Keerom published with No. 105 Year 2012, dated 28 November 2012. []


Now the era of reform, Law no. 14 of 2008 in place, but people are still difficult to access public information. At a meeting with civil society leaders to form a community center in Keerom, on December 6, 2012 it was revealed that Keerom regency is still very difficult to open up. The government is still closed, so many cases of corruption are rampant. Even today Keerom budget documents can not be accessed by the public. Though budget document is a public document that must be provided by the government for the people who need it.

Based on the experience of advocating the establishment PPID Keerom, I had not realized that Keerom regency fully the importance of public information to the public. The government is too busy with other work and ignore the rights of citizens to know the implementation of development in Keerom.

In the context of advocacy PPID, I also discovered and experienced that officials in Keerom too much out of the area. Though they are elected to serve the community in Keerom, not for the roads out Keerom. When I went to the office to ask for a signature Secretary Regent various reasons: busy and out of the area. Regent also the same.

I think if there PPID in SKPD, so residents can check trips ‘official’ committed by public officials in Keerom. People need to know because they used the people’s money. Thus, people can take control of the state apparatus in order: “transparent, effective and efficient and accountable (v. 3, d).”

I am also optimistic through AIPD support program, the government will be more open and Keerom residents would be more critical to addressing development policy. However, this optimistic attitude can only be realized as far as the government and the public have the same commitment to change and reform of the public service system that is very closed to an open government. If not, the government will remain closed, corruption will be rampant in Keerom and people still live below the poverty line.

Hopefully with the inauguration PPID Keerom later, the relevant officials to carry out their duties and responsibilities well in serving the people, particularly in providing the necessary public information public.

Finally, I express abundant gratitude to all those who have worked hard: Korprov CATI Rusmawardi, AIPD Clief Ohee DF, DF Community Strengthening Roni Hamu, Magiken up from Kominfo Keerom, Ririmase of the law and all those who have helped to rising SK PPID Keerom.

May God give me the grace mahamurah more loving and abundant blessings to you all. We still have a duty and responsibility greater the inauguration PPID and its application to SKPD, especially SKPD Keywords: Education, Health, Public Works and Planning Agency. Let us work together, so that all processes can be run either as planned.

Arso II, Keerom, December 19, 2012