Banten provincial government’s commitment to education is considered not maximized

SERANG – Banten provincial government’s commitment to education is considered not maximized. Existing achievements still considered false or short of expectations. Center for Regional Information and Studies (PATTIRO) Banten rate, in the period 2012 and commitment to education in Banten is not maximized when measured by various indicators relating to components of the human development index (HDI).

“Seeing IPM commitment, educational services performed Pemprov still apparent,” said Chairman of the Public Services Division of PATTIRO Banten Miftahul Hayat, through release sent to the editor of Radar Banten.

Explained, referring term development plans of regional development (RPJMD) Banten 2007-2012, targeted reduction of illiteracy significantly down had not yet been reached. Judging from the percentage of literacy rate in 2010 is only 96.20% in 2011 and approximately 96.25% of the increase is only 0.5%.

“Not to mention that affect school enrollment of the average length of the school. Judging from the BPS (Central Bureau of Statistics) on school enrollment shall be questioned commitment district / city governments, and provinsimembangun qualified human resources, “he said.

While looking at the aspect of education, the BPS in 2011 recorded an average length of school only up to 8.41 years. This shows the Banten still struggling to continue compulsory education (reasonable) nine-year education as a national program. “It affected a reasonable awareness of the public to take basic education (Education) is low,” he said.

Not only that, in terms of education facilities is still a concern. There are many educational infrastructure that should be a concern by local governments in Banten, the case study buildings collapsed, collapsed classrooms still occur.

“There are also schools that still weak ministry,” he said. Looking from the side of the budget, PATTIRO Banten admitted that there was an increase. In the year 2012 education budget increase reached 14.79% or Rp 28 billion from the budget in 2011 which reached Rp 194 billion. “However, the increase is still not relevant to the fulfillment of the mandate of Law on National Education System by 20%. The allocation of education Banten only 5.71% of the $ 3.9 trillion 2012 budget,” he explained.

Separately, Head of Education (Dindik) Banten Hudaya considered spotlight of PATTIRO Banten as normal controls. “It actually becomes the input for the improvement of education,” said Hudaya told reporters.

Related, the average length of the school who have not reached a reasonable nine years, it was considered difficult issues because it involves a commitment of regional heads. “Until 2012 the only three cities of Tangerang, Tangerang City South and Cilegon to successfully perform Compulsory Basic Education nine years. In figure Tangerang 10.4 years, 9.7 years and Tangsel City Cilegon, 9.7 years, “he explained.

Meanwhile, there are five districts / cities have not implemented the Compulsory Basic Education nine years 8.7 years Tangerang regency, district Attack 7.6 years, 7.2 years Serang, Pandeglang 6.4 years, 6.2 years and Lebak.

“There should be a government effort to the community to attend. Besides improvement of the quality management and governance of education, “he said. Regarding the education budget, the 2013 budget has reached 21 percent. Although, the budget of Rp 1.044 trillion a school operational funds (BOS). “Improving education is not just to meet the mandate of the National Education Law, but also the implementation of education in the field,” he said.[]

Source: Radar Banten