Public complains Schools Infak and Sadaqah

PeKALONGAN, – PATTIRO Pekalongan received 314 complaints from the public in the month Pekalongan Complaint Public Service conducted during November and December 2012.

Problems and costs in the form infak shodakoh in schools, lack of public health insurance filing procedures (Jamkesmas) and regional health insurance (Jamkesda) as well as the administrative procedures obscurity population a problem that most people complain about in the Public Service Month Complaint.

Director of PATTIRO Pekalongan Sugiharto explained Month Public Service Complaints focused on the issue of public services in education, health and population administration.

“The number of complaints we received, indicating that the Government Pekalongan not have the standard of care in the unit in charge of organizing public services that are directly related to the service user,” he explained to the public discussion on the theme Public Service Management Complaint Pekalongan at Hotel Nirvana, Monday (25/2).

In the education sector, he explained, Pattiro received 66 complaints. Indicator of the cost to be the key issues people complain about. There were 58 respondents who complain about the cost. Among other contributions in the form of infak in some of the schools submitted 17 respondents. (Isnawati/CN32/JBSM) –

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