Suspect officer should resign

SERANG – PATTIRO Banten request to officials in the Banten provincial government that has been named as a suspect resign. If there is no consciousness, PATTIRO asked Governor Ratu Atut Chosiyah removing officials who lodged a legal case.

It asked Banten province reflect on the case of former Minister of Youth and Sports Andi Mallarangeng the entangled case of athlete development house Hambalang, as a suspect. “Banten provincial government should put forward the public interest as a public service principles as stated in Law No. 25 of 2009 on Public Service. Namely, providing an opportunity for officials to focus on the legal case at hand or in other words, officials in the nonjob. This can be done until there is a final and binding decision (inkracht Van Geweisde), “said Chairman of the Public Services Division of PATTIRO Ari Setiawan, Wednesday (30/1).

As is known, the mutation echelon II and III some time ago, the Advisory Board Position and rank (Baperjakat) inaugurated the four suspects. Two suspects ie, echelon III in the Department of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) and Mahyudin Urhanudin Ade. In the second echelon officials that two Banten Council Dadi Rustandi Secretary and Head of Organization, Komari.

Furthermore Ari said appointments should mengutamkan ethical aspects in accordance with the code of conduct of civil servants in PP 42, 2004. In this rule, must be accountable to civil authority and efforts to maintain a clean government embodiment. “So the Banten provincial government officials must be free from legal cases as an organizer for the performance of public service officials. It should be noted seriously, “he said.

On the other hand, Parliament was questioning related Banten Council Secretary position Banten Dadi Rustandi an incumbent. Dadi position that has become a city jail in the case of clothing is considered to interfere with the performance of services. “We are already posing a letter to the governor to ask Sekwan backwards,” said Chairman of the Parliament of Banten Aeng Haerudin.

Aeng judge, city custody status can affect the performance of parliament Banten. Moreover Dadi also served as Secretary of the Budget (Banang) and Secretary of State Legislation. “If there are meetings outside the city could not be assisted Sekwan automatic. We sent a request to the governor Sekwan turn twice, “he said.

Governor Ratu Atut Chosiyah claims will evaluate the proposed changes Sekwan Banten Dadi Rustandi delivered leadership of Parliament. The assessment carried out to comply with the rules of employment. “My mother (Atut calls himself-ed) will be reviewing through Baperjakat, to decide what to do. Mom wants not merely because it has the authority, but also should match staffing rules, “he said.

However Atut admitted if the letter has not been received Sekwan proposed change. “New in sekda. So not signed as delivered by the new parliament,” he explained.

Related alternate Dadi, Atut reluctant to provide further explanation. “Substitution Sekwan have to go through a certain process,” he said.

Regarding the status of provincial officials suspect maintained, Atut continue to rely on the presumption of innocence. “What is clear later, will be evaluated again,” he explained. (air)