Launching of APBD (Local Budget) Publication in East Flores; inspired by Lebak regency, the Regent is willing to contribute

APBD-FloresLocal Budget (APBD) Publication of East Flores regency government is becoming the first launch in all PATTIRO working area that includes 5 provinces and 20 districts. Regency government’s official has supported this initiative by financing amount 39 million rupiah for media publication printing including billboards, posters and book .

The event started at 07:30 until 11:00, starting with a flag ceremony and several events like the launching of the Golden Gate (Gerbang Emas) a kind of productive revolving fund program for the poor in several villages and Cooperative Day ceremony.  Publication of APBD (local budget) marked by signing of billboard then followed by a public discussion in the Setdakab Auditorium. The public discussion also attended by the Regent Mr. Yoseph Lagadoni Herin, the head on Local Government Unit (SKPD), Head of sub-districts, Deputy Chairman of Local Parliament Mr.  Anton Hadjon, journalists, representatives of One To’u  Mr. Anton.

In this discussion some appreciation and feedback conveyed by representatives of One To’u Mr. Anton and Mr. Sirajuddin.  Some of head of Sub-district s also expressed their support. “Even us as head of sub-district don’t know our own local budget.”

Mr. Yoseph Lagadoni Herin said that this publication idea was his idea when he was an editor at Local newspaper Otonomi Daerah , He wrote about Lebak regency program assisted by PATTIRO  and it  well known as best practice in terms of budget publicity. “Since then I’ve imagined if  it to be in East Flores. So since I had a discussion with my collage from Jormas P3 NTT and PATTIRO last March. I warmly welcomed this idea.