Training Guideline of Citizen Report Card (CRC) for CSOs


Program for Strengthening CSOs in Planning and Budgeting for a Better Public Services Delivery

CRC is one device that is simple but very useful for observing performance in public services delivery through involving a process of dialogue between public institutions as the service provider and the community as the service receiver. This dialogue can result in feedback and recommendations for public institutions, at once creating community participation space for the betterment of public services delivery in the field.

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Compared to advocacy methods in general, the CRC has significant advantages, as it uses the principle of evidence-based advocacy that has been shaped by the opinion of the community. These opinions are then harnessed and strengthened in the form of recommendations on public service to the appropriate government office.

This book serves as a CRC guideline and training module that has been prepared systematically for the CRC trainer. It is expected that with this guidebook, participants can understand and apply CRC when surveying community users of public services and other stakeholders.