Health APBD Working Paper – Manokwari District, West Papua

jangkarOne health issue that must receive serious attention from the Manokwari District Government is the promotion of free health services, especially JAMPERSAL and service for sufferers of infectious diseases in Manokwari District.

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The total trend of revenue in the Manokwari district shows a fluctuating growth. The central government’s balance fund constitutes the biggest contributor in the aforementioned regional revenue total. In the last three years (2011-2013), contribution from this fund reached more than 80% in each year. This situation indicates the still high level of dependence of the Manokwari District Government on the central government in financing for development and governance.

The purpose of the preparation of this Position Paper is, among others things:

a. To provide input and proposals to the Manokwari district regional government through a position paper that ties into program positions and/or activities that need to receive attention and proportional budgetary intervention, in an effort to increase access to and the quality of health services in Manokwari district, especially in maternal and child health as well as communicable diseases.

b. To provide input and planning proposals for programs, as alternative solutions/strategies to match the low level of health within the Manokwari population.