Policy Brief | Review of 2020-2024 RPJMN Points on Papuan Development

Fact Sheet | BLU Status to Optimize the Role of National Parks

Report Monitoring Result of Violations of Political Neutrality of ASN in 2019 General Election

Policy Brief | Acceleration of Social Forestry and Forest and Land Rehabilitation in Forestry Development Planning

Fact Sheet | Legal Breakthrough in the Regulation of Revenue Sharing Funds for Reforestation Funds (DBH DR)

Policy Paper | Realizing Disability Inclusive Development: Policy Recommendations for RPJMN Preparation 2020-2024

Blitar Regency Budget Policy Study (Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management)

Policy Brief | Synergy To Strengthen Resilience System In For Adapting To Climate Change In Blitar Regency

PATTIRO Annual Report 2017

Public Service for Persons with Disabilities (A Review of Good Practices and Innovation from Partners of the Peduli Pilar Disabilitas Phase 1 Program (2015-2016) in Five Provinces in the Public Service Sector)

Disability Database Innovation (Review and Good Practices of Peduli Disabilitas Program Partners Phase 1 in Six Provinces)

EXECUTIVE REVIEW| On the Eradication of Tuberculosis in 4 Regencies/ Cities



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