Critical Notes of Permendagri No. 90/2019: Between Transparency and Innovation in Regional Development

Policy Brief | DBH DR Optimization for KPH Independence in East Kalimantan Province

Study on Gender Responsive Climate Change BUDGETING

Policy Paper | Public Service Agency Status for National Parks for Sustainable Conservation Area Management

Policy Brief | Review of 2020-2024 RPJMN Points on Papuan Development

Fact Sheet | BLU Status to Optimize the Role of National Parks

Report Monitoring Result of Violations of Political Neutrality of ASN in 2019 General Election

Policy Brief | Acceleration of Social Forestry and Forest and Land Rehabilitation in Forestry Development Planning

Fact Sheet | Legal Breakthrough in the Regulation of Revenue Sharing Funds for Reforestation Funds (DBH DR)

Policy Paper | Realizing Disability Inclusive Development: Policy Recommendations for RPJMN Preparation 2020-2024

Blitar Regency Budget Policy Study (Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management)

Policy Brief | Synergy To Strengthen Resilience System In For Adapting To Climate Change In Blitar Regency



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