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PATTIRO Banten officially established on 21 September 2005. We are growing as a form of synergy sustainability advocacy at provincial level along with PATTIRO Serang and Tangerang. Our working area covers Cilegon, Lebak and Pandeglang. As a non-profit organization, our vision is to be a formidable institution, honest and trustworthy in developing local democracy and strengthen the position of the community in making public policy. Our mission is:

  1.     Doing a network of cooperation with other agencies for the benefit of good governance, advocacy, and community development
  2.     Conducting development and economic empowerment, social, cultural, and strengthening civil society
  3.     Increasing the role and potential of women with a variety of productive activities
  4.     Increasing the role and potential of women with a variety of productive activities
  5.     Encourage the reform of public services to be more open, efficient, effective, and easily accessible by the public
  6.     Develop a forum of local people who facilitate communication dialogue between the government, communities and other stakeholders

The activities we do include:

  1. Expenditure Tracking Participatory Budgeting program concentrated on peningktana local communities and CSOs in budget planning, budget analysis and tracking expenditures, monitoring public services (in cooperation with NDI-WorldBank).
  2. ECOSOC program implementation in the campaign through the Right to Education and Health Application and Submission Draft Covenant on ESC Education and Health (in collaboration with the European Union).
  3. Strengthening Community Access to Public Information.
  4. Decentralization Implementation Program Evaluation Research (YAPPIKA and Partnership).
  5. Public Consultation on Community Participation in Planning and Budgeting (Cooperation PATTIRO, CIBA, YAPPIKA).
  6. Air Rahmat Campaign Launch in Air Rahmat (co Aman Tirta – USAID).
  7. Assisting Women Victims of Violence (cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs).
  8. Trafficking Victims Reintregrasi program that focuses on assistance to victims of trafficking through venture capital assistance (cooperation with IOM Jakarta).

PATTIRO Banten activist:

Director: Agus Salim, Division of Public Services: Nuriya Ulfa, Division of the Budget and Gender: Nurjana, Division of Public Policy: Dzulfian Hanief, Admin and Finance: Nunung Fauziah Contacts:


Komplek Departeen Agama Blok G RT 002/07 No.9, Cipocok Jaya, Cipocok Jaya, Serang, Banten – 42121

No.Telepon : 0254-9146462

Email : pattirobanten@yahoo.com