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Institute for Research and Applications of Discourse

[Lembaga Penelitian dan Aplikasi Wacana (LPAW)]

Jl. Mr. Iskandar Gang XII D. No. 1 Blora
Tel: 0296-533143, email: lpaw_blora@yahoo.co.id
Elizabeth Deed Estiningsih, SH. 34 date of June 26, 2003
Director: Dalhar Muhammadun


LPAW established to help promote and accelerate the management of good governance, improve the quality of public participation, democratization, transparency and build gender equality

Achieve a good social life through good governance, the principles of transparent, democratic, participatory and gender responsive.


  1. Encourage the government to carry out good governance and clean through transparency and accountability.
  2. Encourage the development of democracy through civil society participation.
  3. Encourage understanding of gender equality at the grassroots and policy makers

Establishment LPAW is to encourage good governance, democratization develop, build transparency, developing civil society participation and gender balance

The number of members LPAW 12 people with a management structure as follows;
Director: Dalhar Muhammadun
Program Director: Kunarto Marzuki
Director of Research: Jonah Bahtiar
Staff Research: Hamdun Maulana Juariyah Siti Siti Lestari
Director of Finance: Yudha Supriyanto
Staff Administration and Finance: Umi Humaira
Staff Documentation and Data: Imam Basori, A. Solihin
General Staff: Yulianto, M. Salim

Work experience members
In addition to activities in Lpaw berlembaga, each member also has other activities, there are a journalist, facilitator for programs outside LPAW, the author of several articles in national newspapers, and a lecturer at the local college

Agency experience partnering with other organizations
LPAW already implemented a number of programs and activities. Both long-term programs and activities that are short. Some that have been made are:

  1. Tragedy History Research Program 1965 in Blora regency 2001-2003 (collaboration with BP Syarikat Jogjakarta)
  2. Participatory Development Programme (PDPP) 2003-2005 (Cooperation with the Agency and Perform Project Blora District Central Java)
  3. Document Preparation Program development of the Medium Term Plan and Urban Villages (RPJMD / K) in 2003, a total of 23 villages / sub-district in District Blora. (Cooperation with the Agency District. Blora and Perform Project Central Java)
  4. School Education Program in MA. Ash Syakur, PP Sabilur Rosyad Mojowetan Banjarejo District, 2004
  5. Farmers Income Improvement Program through Innovation (P4MI) 2004-2007 (in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture Blora, Consortium of NGOs and the World Bank)
  6. Socio-Economic Development Program Based Local Revenue Transparency of Oil and Gas Block Cepu years 2008-2011 (in cooperation with PATTIRO Jakarta supported LGI Hungary and RWI New York)

Network of cooperation with other institutions
LPAW has partnered with several other organizations such as:

  1. BP Syarikat Jogjakarta
  2. Bappeda Jl Blora district. Gor Mustika Blora
  3. Perform Project, Semarang Central Java
  4. Ash Syakur Foundation Blora Regency Village Mojowetan
  5. Agribusiness Foundation, Jakarta
  6. PATTIRO Jakarta
  7. Revenue Watch Institute (RWI), New York, USA
  8. Local Government Reform Initiative (LGI), Budapest, Hungary

LPAW Blora

Jalan Mr. Iskandar XII, Gang D No. 1, Jetis, Blora, Jawa Tengah – 58214

No.Telepon : 0296-533143

Email : lpaw_blora@yahoo.co.id