Ford Fondation. Especially for strengthening cooperation in civil society to be involved in regional public policy making, conducted in Serang, Pekalongan, Semarang, Solo, Gresik, Surabaya, Malang, and others. Besides that, cooperation also in facilitating strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations in participatory planning and budgeting.

Tifa Fondation. Cooperation especially in strengthening civil society organizations in accessing public information and providing technical assistance to local governments to develop regional infrastructure and mechanisms in the area of public information services.

Hivos. Cooperation with this Dutch civil society organization especially in strengthening civil society in accessing public information. Through this cooperation, it has successfully facilitated several community centre that becomes a forum for society to get public information and to submit complaint of public information.


Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) dan Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (LGI).  PATTIRO for the first time enters into the issue of transparency of regional revenue from extractive industries through cooperation with RWI. And collaborating this issue with the issue of socio-economic development planning in the oil-rich region, with the support of LGI. Implementation of a pilot program with the support of the RWI and LGI was done in two areas that are in the oil and gas exploitation; the Cepu Block in Blora regency, Central Java and Bojonegoro regency, East Java.

European Commision. Cooperation with the EU is mostly done in an effort to increase the commitment of local stakeholders in the fulfillment of economic, social, culture, and in recent years, especially in efforts to strengthen the accountability of schools and local governments to ensure free and quality education.

Article XIX. Support provided by Article XIX in strengthening public information disclosure program in several districts in Central Java andBanten, research on school operational assistance, and encouraging community center to access information from public bodies.

USAID. Cooperation with the United States aid agency is conducted within the framework of strengthening program integrity and accountability of state officials, both in public service and the implementation of aid programs and government subsidies.


NZAID. Board of New Zealand’s foreign aid is providing support to PATTIRO in the implementation Programme of Strengthening Local Stakeholders for Implementation of the International Agreement on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

International Budget Project (IBP). Cooperation with budget advocacy international organizations is performed in several events of improving the capacity of CSOs in budget analysis and advocacy, as well as with the budget advocacy coalition for economic social and cultural rights in some countries.

The Asia Foundation.Cooperation with The Asia Foundation conducted on the gender-responsive budgeting advocacy. At a national level in the form of assistance to the relevant ministries, and at regional level advocacy that is based on the organization of women and marginalized groups to be involved in the budgeting process at the village and district / city.

ACCESS. Starting in 2006 with the cooperation to encourage the initiation of Complaints Mechanisms Program in 5 regions, which are Tangerang, Malang, Semarang, Jeneponto and West Lombok. The program continued to initiate improvement of local public services. Subsequent year until 2012, PATTIRO, as a service provider, cooperated in initiating capacity planning improvement and gender-responsive budgeting as well as encouraging the improvement of public services through CRC (Citizen Report Card), especially in ACCESS region in eastern Indonesia.

KEMITRAAN. Starting with gender responsive program in 2007, PATTIRO implement collaborative programs with WRI (Woman Research Institute) and YJP (Foundation for Women’s Journal). Program activities to provide strengthening and capacity building of stakeholders in planning and gender responsive budgeting in 5 provinces. Next cooperation in 2009-2010 is citizens assessment program of public service in Jakarta, in collaboration with the GARAP Coalition (People’s Movement of Anti Poverty) Jakarta. PATTIRO initiates CRC (Citizen Report Card) for education, health and administration in 5 cities / districts in Jakarta.

UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund). Cooperation with UNFPA is conducted for Gender Responsive Budget Initiative program (GRBI). The program supports capacity building of CSOs and local government in formulating gender responsive planning in the Tasikmalaya district of West Java Province.

PACIFIC INSTITUTE is a non-governmental organization based in Oakland, California, United State of America. Program that is in cooperation with PATTIRO is Indonesia WATER SMS PATTIRO Project (IWSMS) funded by the USAID. This program is a program that implements Information and Communication Technology in the transparency of water-related public services in the two cities, Malang (East Java) and Makassar (South Sulawesi). The program is collaborating the roles of each party related to water, which is PDAM, HIPPAM, NGOs and related agencies in the government to get a good water service and to maintain the continuity of water supply in urban areas.

OXFAM. Programme with OXFAM in the form of research on the capacity of civil society in the North Central Timor district, NTT in advocating public policies related to Manganese Mining Industry. Research conducted over the past four months (April 2010 – July 2010), conducted simultaneously with mentoring assistance to the civil society organizations in formulating manganese mining governance in North Central Timor district, put it in local government draft law, and conduct advocacy process. Pattiro’s main local partner is Yabiku.[]