Public Service Accountability

Citizen Group of Kuripan Village West Lombok NTB Will Hover objection to the Director of PDAM

Citizen Group of Kuripan Village West Lombok NTB will cast a letter of objection to the local Director of PDAM. It will be done because previous requests for information didn’t get any desired responses. On July 15, 2013 the citizen were represented by  Mutiah and Desi Wirasanti filed a request for information relating to the

Ministry of Public Works (PU) Is the Worst Ministry on Public Service


Ministry of Public Works (PU) ranks the worst ministry from 18 ministries was surveyed by Ombudsman in terms of compliance with Public Service Act No. 25/2009. On a scale of 1; 1000, the Ministry of Public Works only got a score of 285. According to the Ombudsman’s survey, there are four other ministries are also

Survey in 18 Ministries: Public Service is still poor


Lack of clarity on service period triggers bribery. “If it can be slowed down why it must be accelerated.” Public services in several Ministries related to compliance with the Public Service Act No. 25 /2009 are still apprehensive. According to the recent survey conducted Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia. Chief of Ombudsman Danang Girindrawardana

Jakarta Zonder of Autonomy?


Jakarta as capital of Indonesia again has celebrated its birth of the four hundred and eighty sixth. It’s a relatively an old ages. Jakarta is the pride of Indonesia. This city has become a barometer of Indonesia development and progress. This anniversary of Jakarta is unique since it opened with flood problem that brought the

Manual ASMS – Multi Stakeholder Social Audit


Developing Evidence-based Society’s Voice Social audit is a society monitoring tool for government performance that is developed in the Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program – 2 (SIAP-2) that is run by PATTIRO and funded by the USAID (United States Agency for International Development). The idea for social audit originally came from a research that was