Information Disclosure Series: PPID Training module


All public agency mandated by Freedom of Information Law to appoint an Information and Documentation Management official (Pengelola Informasi dan Dokumentasi- PPID) in their institution. Each PPID has a central role in Public Agency. PPID role for public bodies internally is responsible for managing information, whereas the role of the PPID externally i.e., duty to

Our Money, Our Responsibility


Why Civil Society Groups need to drill down and tracking public expenditures budget? “Sometimes government officials confuse to differentiate between public money and their own money.” – Budget Advocacy Activists- Uganda) Our Money Our Responsibility-  Bahasa version “If I give my child 10 rupees then I ask my son to go to the market for

Pocket book series: TIPS & TRIK Mengkritisi APBD Panduan Praktis untuk Analisis APBD


This small book is a story collection of PATTIRO experiences in budget advocacy work over last five years. One of PATTIRO experience is technical assistance to parliament members and also to different city / county officials in Indonesia. Therefore, several cases provided in this book are cases findings and observations. Budget analysis is done to

Budget Advocacy Training Module For CSO (Civil Society Organization)


  This module was developed as training materials that will be implemented by AIPD as support for CSO. One of the AIPD support that has given to CSO is capacity building in planning and budgeting as well as monitoring of public budgets. AIPD sees that participatory planning and budgeting is one of the important issues

School Operational Assistance program (BOS) Book: Consistency of Mandate, Sustainability, and Accountability


Indonesia Government has prepared numerous programs, and among these programs is strategic value and gaining a large portion of the allocation policy , That’s School Operational Assistance program (BOS).  The program is become a government mainstay to increase the number of children with the opportunity to access education. To provide strong support for the Government’s