Fact Sheet | BLU Status to Optimize the Role of National Parks

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In general, Indonesia’s forest areas, aside from functioning as a conservation area, are also a source of livelihood for the surrounding communities. The 2014 BPS survey stated that the number of people living around forest areas was around 32,447,851 persons. The percentage of villages located in forest areas is 2.48% or around 2,037 villages, while

Report Monitoring Result of Violations of Political Neutrality of ASN in 2019 General Election


Based on the number of participants in the General Elections, Indonesia is the largest democracy in Southeast Asia, and the third largest in the world, after India and the United States. The large number of voters shows the public’s enthusiasm in determining government leaders: presidents and regional leaders, as well as electing their representatives in

Blitar Regency Budget Policy Study (Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management)


Climate change adaptation in the National Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation (RAN-API), published by the Ministry of National Planning and Development in 2014, has the main objective of implementing a sustainable and highly resilient development system towards the impacts of climate change. The direction of climate change adaptation policy nationally is directed at two aspects,

Public Service for Persons with Disabilities (A Review of Good Practices and Innovation from Partners of the Peduli Pilar Disabilitas Phase 1 Program (2015-2016) in Five Provinces in the Public Service Sector)

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The elaboration of the concept of inclusive development according to the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) is a process to ensure that all marginalized groups can be involved in the development process. The concept seeks to give the right to marginalized groups or people in the development process. In other words, inclusive development seeks

Disability Database Innovation (Review and Good Practices of Peduli Disabilitas Program Partners Phase 1 in Six Provinces)


In the broader context of inclusive and sustainable development, particularly in the development process and outcomes, it is important to have innovation efforts to address the problems faced by persons with disabilities and ensure that persons with disabilities can actively engage in the development process and enjoy optimal development outcomes. One aspect that must be