Public Service for Persons with Disabilities (A Review of Good Practices and Innovation from Partners of the Peduli Pilar Disabilitas Phase 1 Program (2015-2016) in Five Provinces in the Public Service Sector)

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The elaboration of the concept of inclusive development according to the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) is a process to ensure that all marginalized groups can be involved in the development process. The concept seeks to give the right to marginalized groups or people in the development process. In other words, inclusive development seeks

Disability Database Innovation (Review and Good Practices of Peduli Disabilitas Program Partners Phase 1 in Six Provinces)


In the broader context of inclusive and sustainable development, particularly in the development process and outcomes, it is important to have innovation efforts to address the problems faced by persons with disabilities and ensure that persons with disabilities can actively engage in the development process and enjoy optimal development outcomes. One aspect that must be

Citizen Voices, Community Solutions : Designing Better Transparency and Accountability Approaches to Improve Health

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The Transparency for Development (T4D) study was designed to answer the question of whether a community-led transparency and accountability program can improve health outcomes and community empowerment, and, if so, how and in what contexts. To answer this question, researchers and civil society organization partners began by co-designing a program that would activate community participation

Indonesia’s Village Law: enabler or constraint for more accountable governance?


Village underdevelopment is considered a major contributor to Indonesia’s high levels of inequality. Law No.6 / 2014 (‘Village Law’) on villages’ governance and finance is regarded as the most progressive policy in the history of local governance in Indonesia, and has great potential for rural development. This study investigates the implementation of the Village Law,

Community Assessment Survei on Basic Service in Manokwari District

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