How to Deal with Complaints about Health Services


By Ega Rosalina[1] From 2001 until 2010, Indonesia’s healthcare expenditure per capita leapt more than 300 percent and continues to skyrocket today, according to the WHO. The government’s efforts to deal with this problem by implementing a mutual assistance principal in the National Health Insurance (JKN) program has, unfortunately, not run optimally. Although BPJS Kesehatan has

Vertical Integration and Indonesia’s CSO Movement for Transparency and Accountability

by: Didik Purwandanu, PATTIRO’s Senior Program Manager of Social Accountability During the last 17 years, Indonesia has been through three trials of decentralization models. The first involved strengthening the autonomy of pilot areas in the district / city, through the release of Presidential Decree No. 11 of 1996, which declared 25 April as the Day

Open Data at the Sunlight Foundation’s Transparency Unconference

Credit Photo: Sunlight Foundation

By: Timothy Lay, Volunteer in PATTIRO. From 29 May to 2 June 2014, the Sunlight Foundation hosted their annual TransparencyCamp in Washington, D.C. Held at the School of Public Policy, George Mason University, the TransparencyCamp brought together 800 participants, including students, online developers, CSO and donor representatives as well as academics. The Sunlight Foundation is

Background to the Open Government Partnership in Indonesia : the CSO Core Team

By: Nanda Sihombing, OGP Specialist, PATTIRO. As one of the eight founding members of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in 2011, Indonesia was appointed to the chairmanship in 2014.This was just one step, though, in the evolution of OGP in Indonesia. The first step in the development of OGP in Indonesia was the government’s establishment

Decentralization in Mining Sector

By: Robert Endi Jaweng, Jakarta | Opinion | Tue, March 11 2014 London-listed Churchill Mining Plc Corp. has brought its mining dispute with the Indonesian government before the Washington-based International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), demanding over US$1 billion in compensation for losses caused by the revocation of its mining permits by the East