Policy Note: Special Autonomy Grant Effectiveness in Papua and West Papua


Special Autonomy Grant Effectiveness in Papua and West Papua  by: Didik Purwandanu, PATTIRO’s Senior Program Manager of Social Accountability Background “..However, PEPERA is not our final destination. The most important thing is the development of West Irian simultaneously and within the context of REPELITA implementation… Like any other regions, West Irian will get its place

Productivity of Banten Parliament Considered Low

SERANG – Center for Regional Information and Studies (PATTIRO) Banten assess the productivity of members of parliament to make regulations in the form of regional regulations were considered low. Not to mention, the ones that are judged not to fit the needs of the public service. “In producing regulations, Banten Parliament since 2009-2012 only produced

Socializing Online Draft School Budget (RAPBS) intensified

SEMARANG – Socialization reporting Draft School Budget (RAPBS) online must be intensified until the RT / RW. It was to show the seriousness of the City Government for transparency in the management of funds carried out by the school. “This is just so RAPBS online entry point to improve the quality of public services. Worth

BOS online relaunched for transparency

The Semarang Education Agency is relaunching its School Operational Aid (BOS) online program to increase transparency in how the funds are used at local elementary and junior high schools. Agency head Bunyamin said that the program was first launched three years ago and would be relaunched on Jan. 16 to prevent misuse of BOS funds.

CSOs Coalition Formed to Supervise Budgeting in Merauke

MERAUKE – Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation (AIPD) hold-up activities to the formation of coalitions (network) Civil Society Organization (CSO) activists for 22 people in Merauke. Activities facilitated by PATTIRO (Center for Regional Information and Studies) was held in the meeting room Bappeda Merauke, Friday (7/12) yesterday. Facilitator BK CSO, Bastian Hendro Wibowo, said the