Scope Of Work

PATTIRO scope of work

PATTIRO has multitude of experience in quantitative or qualitative research, especially utilizing participatory method such as Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), Participatory Planning, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Public Expenditure Analysis (PEA), Public Expenditure and Revenue Analysis (PERA), Budget Tracking, Outcome Mapping, Citizen Report Card (CRC), User Based Survey (UBS), Integrity Scorecard, and Social Audit. PATTIRO emphasizes on applicable action plan for anyone using the above research.

PATTIRO provides training services especially for NGO, local government and parliament members. In each training, we ensure that all participants develop action plan to follow up the training. Training methods include: classical training, problem solving training, field training, and in-house training. Facilitation methods used such as Technology of Participatory (TOP), Zierlorientierte Projekt Planung (ZOPP), and ORID.

Technical assistance is a special activity to assist community, CSO activists, government officials and parliament members in fulfilling their duties optimally. Technical assistance is done in a form of field consultation, thematic training facilitation, legal drafting assistance, budget analysis, policy analysis, formulation of citizen charter, assist to form Provincial Information Commission, technical assistance to Information and Documentation Manager (PPID) and others.

PATTIRO always involve community in all activities as public awareness and capacity building on their right to play an active role in local governance. this is done through community organizing, such as facilitating to develop community center as a media to collect and channel community aspiration (including complaint); facilitating formulation of community initiative in public policy and local budget; and facilitating community to measure public service performance.

Model development is a continuation activity from the result of researches. For example, PATTIRO develops a model of complaint handling mechanism based on research of public service, or model of integrity audit that is based on research on integrity and accountability of social assistance program. Model development is to ensure the research result can be more useful for the institution that uses research result.

In order to disseminate activity results, PATTIRO also publishes a number of publication, such as books, training modules, policy brief and lesson-learnt documents. The purpose of these publications is to reach wider audience and to motivate parties who interested to replicate similar activity or programs. PATTIRO publishes publications via mass media as well as our website,

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